Our Story

We are an independent Gothic Jewellery brand hailing from Steel City, UK. 

Meet The Team


Founder, designer, Maker & Boring Admin Gal (GOTTA LOVE AN ORGANISED VIRGO BOSS LADY)

Over the years, Mysticum Luna has been a number of things, it has changed, adapted and evolved in many ways. Looking back on the last 7 years, our growth and versatility truly blows me away. When I first picked up a pair of pliers back in 2014, I did not for-see what the coming years would bring. I knew nothing about jewellery making, or business in general and had no end goal. The first few items I listed on Etsy were pretty questionable but looking back at them now, I'm proud of where I started and where I am now on this weird and wonderful jewellery making journey. For anyone that's not sure on their career path and where they want to be in life, it will come, don't doubt yourself or your ability. Goals: Continue to grow! This little team we've got now is everything I could ever dream of AND MORE. Long term, I really want to learn more about the fashion industry and create a whole line of clothing! 


Social Media, Marketing & Designing 

I love designing and creating its always been something I've enjoyed and has always been a big part of my life, so this job was perfect for me. Each day is literally different here, one day is making jewellery and the next is stood in the middle of the woods, never boring! Before this I did Fine art at sixth form and went on to to study it at University for a year, but it just wasn't for me. Outside of working I spend most of my time with my dog and outdoors, I go slightly crazy if I'm stuck inside all the time. Goals : Improve using procreate to bring my ideas to life and help to grow Mysticum Luna even bigger!



For the last 10 years normal days have been spent as a camera toting finger wizard for Sheffield Wedding Photographer Shutter Go Click. It's awesome to be able to bring my unique blend of alternative wedding photography & apply it to the badass Gothic Jewellery of Mysticum Luna. (Not least because Paige is my oh so talented Mrs) Just like my own company Shutter Go Click Photography, Mysticum Luna is forged in the steel city of Sheffield & I see our collaborations as a hot smelting furnace of pure creativity. I have a love for nature, symmetry, reflections & all the quirkiness. What greater privilege is there to play a part in producing the photographs & videos that all of Mysticum Luna's incredible customers see first.GOALS: To elevate my video making game & continue to create the visuals that match the wild creativity of the jewellery itself. 


Orders and Content

Our Story

Mysticum Luna Gothic Jewellery – Derived from Mystic Moon. EST 2014

We are an independent Gothic Jewellery brand hailing from Steel City, UK. 

It all began back in Paige's University bedroom back in 2014, wanting affordable, alternative pieces of jewellery but not being able to find any on the market she decided to create her very own and it quickly grew into the Small Business it is today! 

2016 - The Shop

Before we were just an Online Store, we did have a physical Shop, based in Rotherham Town Centre. 

It was the birthplace of Mysticum Luna’s identity and creative ideas, it will forever hold a place in our hearts! 

The store created amazing memories and laughs, and allowed us to form bonds and relationships with our customers! 

But unfortunately, we had a break in and no longer felt the shop was a place for us, so we moved on…

Leaving the Office for the Farm

At the start of 2023 we decided to make the move from our cosy little Office to a barn that would give us more space to grow and create!


Festivals are a big part of Mysticum Luna, going to our very first Bloodstock Festival back in 2017, Festival Season continues to be a highlight of our summer, the music, the atmosphere but mainly you guys! Festivals are one of those rare times we get to spread our wings and meet our customers that have travelled far and wide for a weekend of mayhem and mischief. 2022 saw our little Festival Team of 6 - Paige, Ryan, Hannah, Eve, Charlie and Jony take on Download 2022, from Charlie’s Hoola Hooping skills to nearly all killing each other on the Dodgems we had the best time!

What's Next?

Moving on as a small team, we have got a lot in store for all of you lovely lot. 2024 will see some of our most desired collections yet, this is a warning to keep your eyes peeled! 

Lots of love from Mysticum Luna xox