New Collection: Fly Jewellery | Fly Hoops, Fly Necklace & Fly Ring Mysticum Luna

New Collection: Fly Jewellery | Fly Hoops, Fly Necklace & Fly Ring

From the depths of natural, botanical magic: The Fly Collection - our newest addition to the Green Witch collection. Inspired by the earth, this is a growing selection of pieces that will change and adapt over time. We began with a 9 piece release and now we are adding 3 more to collection. Comprising of insects, woodland and green coffins, however we decided this simply wasn't enough! The fly has a spiritual meaning of Rebirth making this the perfect addition to the collection.
The Fly Collection has been on our to-do list for almost 5 years, we really wanted to capture all the details, so getting it right was paramount. My love for Fly jewellery started way before Mysticum Luna was even a twinkle in my eye! My first piece was a teeny little fly ring from Vivienne Westwood and i've lusted for a chunkier Fly Ring ever since.

The Photoshoot

Just like most of our shoots, this Boho inspired Green Witch Photoshoot was a collaboration of fellow female owned businesses (here's where we get to rave about how amazing they all are!).

First up we have Lil (aka. @darlinganddusk). This is our third time working with Lil and she captured our vision perfectly. All the heart eyes for this badass babe. 

Our model @styledbysann has been a friend for many years and was one our first models back in my little London flat in 2014! Sanah is a boss babe in her own right, the make-up and lashes pictured are from Sanah's own lash brand and her bread and butter is being one hell of an MUA. Check out more of her work HERE.

All of the props shown are from , an idea that started in lockdown has become a BIG DEAL for the lovely Hannah. Focusing on weddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers & More, she's got something for every event going. 

The Jewellery 

Fly Ring

Fly Necklace

Fly Hoops

Fly Jewellery Info:

Made from sturdy Stainless Steel, you have no worries about discolouration, the Fly Jewellery Collection won't leave skin green! Stainless Steel is an extremely strong metal, this ring will not stain, scuff, bend or succumb to damage easily. Which is precisely why we love Stainless Steel!
This ring is available in 6 sizes
18" chain necklace
30mm hoops
All of our jewellery pieces come with a soft velvet bag with our logo printed in silver foil print as standard! (Excluding Wholesale Orders)
Love & Light 
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