London Edge 2020 - Mysticum Luna's First Trade Show | On The Road

February saw us on our travels a little earlier in the year than we're used to! As we set off to London Edge, the heaven's OPENED and to say we were feeling out of our comfort zones would be a total understatement. Firstly, we've never really done events past the midlands (Download & Bloodstock are our bread and butter), so the overthinking started with the journey down and the parking / London driving situation. Secondly, we'd never attended, let alone worked at a trade show! The concept of talking about myself and how the business works for 2 days solid was a daunting one. Luckily, we had the lovely London Edge ladies to help, and boy did they. They were probably sick of seeing my emails by the end of the weekend, but we couldn't have done it without them! 


I try and go into new events with the mindset that 'if we don't do well, at least we can use this opportunity to promote the business and get our name out there'. But London Edge well and truly blew us away. From the London Edge staff that made us feel positive that we'd made the right decision. To the incredibly warm and kind influencers giving us cuddles after all the years of online friendship. This event was just perfect! So many people commented on the fact that they expected us to have a big stand because we're such a 'big brand'. Here's a not so little secret - IT'S JUST TWO OF US RUNNING THE SHOW! (Three if you include my amazing fella Ryan AKA. Shutter Go Click who helps out at events when he's not busy being a badass alternative wedding photographer



Once the first buyers approached us and we got chatting, my heart rate returned to normal. I began to feel confident in talking about the brand - shocker, it's all up there in my noggin! For anyone nervous about trying a trade show, London Edge is a great starting point. We came away from the event with 7 orders meaning our items are now going to be stocked in a shed load of new countries. Australia, Sweden, Berlin, Belfast & Greece to name a few! I would like to thank Ryan for being so damn confident in my products even though he didn't know half of the product names! Also a big shout out to Jack Bean of Offend My Eyes - he gave me so much advice on how trade shows actually work and even reminded me of the small but important things (like a stapler and plenty of pens). Damn I didn't even know what a line sheet was until Jack sent me his! 



When the wonderful Sherie mentioned that the promoters were excited to meet us, instant fear ignited in my body. These amazing, wonderfully talented, beautiful women that we'd spoke to online for years wanted to meet us! Jesus was I nervous - probably more nervous than speaking to buyers. Every single gal greeted us with a smile and a cuddle. It really hit me what a wonderful industry we work in. Just a few names to mention for making this event for us: Amy, Azariah, Zoe, Megan, Kat, Sammy Jo, Rogue, Vic, Heavy Metal Momma, Kyden, Alice, Pure Horror, Charlotte, Kitty, Daisy Mae, Yasmin, Nicole, Florence! Sorry if we missed anyone, it was an overwhelming experience for sure. Check our little highlight video for a round up of how the weekend went down:

One last thing to add - it was an absolute pleasure meeting with other alternative brands. Our stand neighbour JP was full of advice and looked after us all weekend! We honestly can't say thank you enough to all the people that made us feel so at home. I left London Edge feeling full of love and positive about the decisions i've made as a girl boss. The future looks and feels bright for Mysticum Luna and we're planning on gothic jewellery world domination! Support your friends and family on their little ventures because you will be the reason for the beaming smiles on their faces. Until next year London Edge! Love Paige & Hannah xx

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