Download Festival 2022 | Sunshine, Music, Cider and a little more Alcohol,Download Mysticum Luna

Download Festival 2022 | Sunshine, Music, Cider and a little more Alcohol

Download Festival 2022


Packing and all the preparation for Download Festival can be a stressful experience, however meeting all of you and being able to hang out, drink, laugh and cuddle you all is what makes all the craziness and stress worth it! 
This was our third year at Download Festival and we all remember the disaster of Drownload ; the state of the grounds and the traumatising mud... So this was in the back of everyones minds, but the weather pulled through and gave us the best combination - sunshine and amazing music!
The run up to Download we worked like crazy to make sure we had enough Stock to cater for all 85,000 of you lovely lot, I don't think I've ever seen as many Lucky Dips in my life! Packing the van is always stressful but thanks to Ryan's organisation skills and Paige being an organised Virgo Boss lady with all her lists everything went in easy peasy! And off we went,  5 days of camping, working, no showers and festival portaloos!
THANK YOU to our amazing team of 6; Paige, Ryan, Hannah, Eve, Charlie & Jony! From Charlies Hoola Hooping skills to nearly all killing each other on the Dodgems we had the best time! And last but not least Thank you to all of you, without your support and love we couldn't be out there doing what we love, it really means the world to us! Hope to see familiar and new faces at Bloodstock Festival in August! xo
Love & Light 
ML xo 
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