Tired of waiting for warmer days? Celebrate the peak of Spring and welcome the birth of Summer with Beltane. Falling between Ostara and Litha, this festival is the perfect excuse to enjoy a feast and bask in the Sun. It stimulates you to summon your inner courage and witness the renewal and growth coming your way! It’s time to take that next step.

Beltane is a captivating ancient ritual, deriving from a Celtic word meaning ‘The fires of Bel’ likely referring to the Celtic Sun God Belenus. This holiday is all about immersing yourself in fertility rituals and dancing, praising Spring with bonfires and maypoles as you feel the heat of the rising sun and embrace the wildness of Beltane. 

Not sure how to celebrate Beltane? This guide will provide you with information to make your Beltane come alive. From Setting up an Altar to Goddess Rituals, we want to help you welcome the coming Summer Solstice with a bang!

The first way is to set up an altar, it is an ideal way to create a sacred space for any spiritual practice. Bring springtime into your home by filling it with symbols of fertility, rebirth and awakening. 

Flowers - Representing rebirth they are a great way to welcome growth into your life with fresh, silk or dried flowers. From simple daisies to fragrant roses, have your altar looking fresh and renewed. 

Candles - Honor the tradition of fire and spark your seasonal spirit, pick from vibrant colours like pink, yellow and sage green. Try to use calming scents like rose and lavender. These will brighten up your surroundings with rich hues and fragrances that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a floral paradise. 

Colours - Try to use Red, Green and Yellows. Green embodies growth and renewal. Red symbolises fire and passion, while Gold is suggestive of the Sun - a central piece for this Sabbat.

Symbols - The Maypole is a symbolic tribute to the changing of the seasons, this can be represented with a drawing or a replica. 

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Another way to Celebrate the festival of fire is with your own personal Bonfire! Find a safe place to build your fire gather the wood and kindling and set up a ring of stones to contain the sparks - soon you’ll be watching the flames dance in the night sky! A bonfire is a fun way to create a festive atmosphere and bring people together!

For Beltane, another great way to praise the festival is to gather fragrant blossoms to decorate your home and ritual space. Craft beautiful crowns and garlands in celebration, and give thanks to Mother Nature for her blessings. Fill your space with greenery like hawthorn, roses and rowan. 

Our personal favourite way is to perform a Goddess Ritual, it allows us to honour the power of female energy. Light a candle and sit quietly with your eyes closed. Start with a meditative visualisation of yourself and your home, imagine your body filling up with light and then emerging from you and encompassing your entire space. Then write down affirmations to welcome the coming season. Burn your offering to complete the ritual, and enjoy the feeling of joy and positivity that follows. 

We hope this blog post allows you to discover the energy and life of Beltane, with its fire dancing, fertility rituals and communal Bonfires. Go out and feel the Earth’s power, as you thank it and its offerings of greeny and flowers. Take some risks this holiday and experience the beauty of Beltane. 

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