A New Moon, a Fresh Start | How you can take full advantage of the Luna calendar

January the 13th marks a new start to the luna calendar with the emergence of a new moon. It’s no secret that witches love the moon, but not everyone knows how to harness the power and use it to their own advantage. Whether you’re as witchy as can be or not really into it, we’ll show you how you can truly take advantage of our beautiful and powerful natural satellite.

1. For a New beginning

The new moon is a perfect time to set new goals and intentions, it can give your New Year’s resolutions the boost they need to change your year ahead. Since the new moon is taking place in the Earth sign of Capricorn (Dec.22 – Jan. 19), it inspires us to focus on our goals and really find that hard worker within you.

But how can you harness this power? Something as simple as writing down your goals and really focusing on how to achieve each step can manifest so much power. Think deep about what it is you want, how long it would take to reach your goal, each tedious little step and barrier that may be keeping you from your goals. This is the time to really bust those barriers and start a new project.

Having a notebook for plotting your strategy is the perfect way to set a course of action. Keeping it neat, tidy and away from the chaos of other aspects of your life can prevent entangling your new goals with existing hurdles.

(You can see our collection of beautiful witchy notebooks by clicking HERE or the image below!)


2. Cleansing yourself of toxicity

After a difficult year, its been harder than ever to find the positivity in our day to day lives. This negativity within ourselves quite often leads us down the path to toxic people. If you feel ready to give those toxic people the boot then maybe a simple spell will do the trick.

Using the giant cauldron in your bathroom you can do a simple cleansing spell using just water and salt! Set the mood by lighting candles (you can see our collection of candles HERE or by clicking the image below). Take a relaxing bath filled with either bath salts or a simple sea salt, lay back and relax. Imagine all the negativity and pain soaking off of you and swirling down the drain.

Its that simple! Not all spells are intricate or difficult. They can be as simple as a relaxing soak in the bath on a new moon.

3. What NOT to do during a new moon

What you do during a new moon can have an impact on your energy throughout the lunar cycle. It’s important to give yourself a fighting chance for positivity by avoiding doing all of these things.

Avoid spending time with anyone who drains your energy. The new moon is a time for establishing the energy you’re going to carry with you for the upcoming month. Spending a new moon with naysayers can bring you down and drain this positivity from you. This can be a relationship or friendship that feels like a barrier or an anchor weighing you down. Try to surround yourself with people who uplift you and help you feel energised!

Don’t get stuck in the past. Try to stay present and not to dwell on any past worries. The new moon is for new experiences, let go of the past to make way for positivity in the future.

Don’t shy away from new people, opportunities or experiences. During a new moon, the universe will bring you lots of opportunities for new experiences and new positive forces. Be extra mindful of anything new that crosses your path. It is, after all, time to light a new spark!

Finally, no matter how you choose to celebrate the new moon, do so safely and with the best intentions.

Wishing you all the best for the Lunar cycle ahead!

Love and Light

ML xox

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