Summon your inner witch with our Spell Jars! Get ready for the warmer weather and start a spellbinding Spring with magical vibes and powerful intentions. Jump-start your journey of growth and cast a spell of good fortune as you explore a new season.

Sleep Spell Jar

Up first is the Sleep Spell Jar; Lemon, Amethyst, Lavender and Valerian is needed for this! 

Put all your ingredients into a jar, making sure all of the contents is 100% dry so no mould occurs! No one wants a mouldy jar. Seal the lid with white candle wax. Place it near your bed and use it as a reminder to constantly strengthen your intentions for sleep. When you feel the jar has worked or maybe it no longer works as strong return any of the herbs back to the earth, possibly by burying in the garden and be sure to cleanse your crystals!

Money Spell Jar

Wanting to manifest some money your way? This is is an easy way for all you baby witches out there!

Ingredients : Chamomile, Cinnamon, Pepper Mint, Bay Leaves and Green Aventurine

Place all you ingredients into your jar while having strong and clear intentions on money flowing freely and in abundance to you. Seal the lid with green candle wax. 

Keep this jar in visible spot around the house allowing you constant reminders of money coming to you in abundance! 

Self Love Spell Jar

We all deserve to love ourselves allow yourself to do this with the Self Love Spell Jar : Clear Quartz, Dragons Blood Incense, Himalayan Salt, Lavender, Self Love Quote, Rose Petals and Pink Candle Wax. 

Place everything into a jar and seal with the pink wax. Place next to a mirror to act as a reminder and to increase your self love intentions.

Protection Jar

Protect yourself or even your loved ones this year with this easy Protection Jar!

Ingredients : Feathers, Rosemary, Sea Salt, Intentions on paper, White Clover and Crystal of choice.

Grab your ingredients and fill your jar with them all. Have clear thoughts on how you want protection such as your energy, emotions or physical. Seal with a candle of your choice and place under your bed or ask whoever may gift this too, to do the same. 

Successful Business Jar

Bring Success your way and attract customers with this handy Successful Business Jar.

Ingredients : Rosemary, Tigers Eye, Smokey Quartz, Green Aventurine and Sea Salt.

Place your business name next to the jar full of your items and burn a candle next to it, put some coins on your business name. Fill your jar with water until it reaches half way and place the coins and business name into the jar while repeating "I attract success in abundance and clients will come, buy and multiply". 

Productivity Spell Jar

Make 2023 your year and increase your productivity to the max with this Spell Jar!

Grab all your ingredients : Cinnamon, Vanilla, Citrine, Rosemary, Sage and Cloves.

Seal the lid with yellow candle wax. Place somewhere visible and with a lot of activity such as the Kitchen. However if the jar is small enough you can carry it round to increase those Productivity Intentions! 

Anti - Bad Vibes jar

Is negativity invading your space? Try this simple but effective Anti-Bad vibes Jar!

Ingredients : Black Tourmaline, Sage, Salt, Lavender, Black Pepper and Clove

Once you have placed all your ingredients into a jar, seal the lid with black candle wax. Place the jar near your home entrance to keep your safe space clear from any bad or negative energy!

Good Luck Spell Jar

Everyone needs a bit of good energy every now and again, try your luck with this spell jar! 

Fill your jar with; Salt, White Rice, Rope, Bay Leaves and then seal with green candle wax!

We suggest placing it in your wardrobe or by your bed!

Happiness Spell Jar

The Happiness Spell Jar! For this you need to add your items to the jar one at a time, thinking about what each thing represents and how it relates to your intention. Light a candle and state your intention out loud, visualising what it will be like when it comes true. Seal your jar with candle wax. Close out the ritual, placing your jar somewhere you'll see it often to remind you of your intention...

Love Spell Jar

Make this year the year of love! Manifest your perfect romance with the Love Spell Jar...

Ingredients : Honey, Alcohol of choice, Rose Petals, Lavender and Rose Quartz

Start by adding a bit of honey and your alcohol to a jar, along with your rose petals, herbs and crystal. Light a candle and say your intentions out loud to the universe, visualising your ideal love! Seal the jar with a bit of candle wax. Raise the energy by dancing or playing your favourite romantic music. Allow the candle to burn all the way down.

Sending the best vibes your way, hoping you get motivation and inspiration to power ahead and take on whatever challenges come your way. Prepare to conquer! xox