Wiccan Keyword Part Two:


This week we thought we would give you another look into some more keywords used in Wicca:


Wicca: A form of modern witchcraft, founded in England in the mid 20th century with pre-Christian pagan origins.


Altar: A personal space used for rituals and prayer.


Athame: A ceremonial knife,used for directing energy, never for cutting.


Blessed be: An expression of blessing used for said during rituals.


Coven: A group of witches.


Paganism: A spiritual way of life.


Witchcraft: The practice of magic, spells and the invocation of spirits.


Sabbat: A Pagan holiday, celebrated at the equinoxes, solstices and four points in between.


Ritual: A religious ceremony where a series of actions are performed in a specific order for a particular