Succubus Ring mysticumluna2021
Succubus Ring mysticumluna2021
Succubus Heart Ring mysticumluna2021

Succubus Heart Ring

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Inspired by the supernatural entity Succubus, the Succubus Ring is the newest addition to our collection of stainless steel jewellery!

Who and what is Succubus you may ask? Succubus is a female demon or supernatural entity from medieval folklore believed to seduce and prey on emotionally weak men to steal their souls.

This jewellery collection provides all the dark lustfulness, desire and power that Succubus herself craves, making it an instant must-have for all of our strong and seductive witches.

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Additionally, for a full 3 piece look, check out the matching Succubus Hoops and Succubus Necklace from the Succubus collection as well!

Approx Width: 25mm

Designed and sculpted by James Suret Art

All Mysticum Luna rings are made from Stainless Steel. This means your ring will not discolour your skin. Allowing you to get the most for your money and wear the Ring as much as you desire. 

All of our jewellery pieces come with a soft velvet bag with our logo printed in silver foil print as standard! (Excluding Wholesale Orders) 

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