Osteomancy Bone Hoops mysticumluna2021
Osteomancy Bone Hoops mysticumluna2021

Osteomancy Bone Hoops

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Osteomancy Bone Hoops - Osteomancy is divination using bones. It is one of the oldest forms of divination and spreads across many cultures. In one method, the bones are thrown and the resultant shapes are interpreted. Under another, the bones are shaped or marked (like dice) and thrown.


Made from sturdy Stainless Steel, you have no worries about discolouration, these Bone Hoops won't leave skin green! 

The Stainless Steel hoop earrings measure 20mm and the bone pendants around 50mm - so they're perfect as statement earrings!

All of our jewellery pieces come with a soft velvet bag with our logo printed in silver foil print as standard! (Excluding Wholesale Orders) 

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