Beetle Necklace mysticumluna2021
Beetle Necklace mysticumluna2021
Beetle Necklace mysticumluna2021

Beetle Necklace

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From the depths of natural, botanical magic: the Beetle Necklace - Green Witch collection. Inspired by the earth and the magic we can draw from it - this is a growing selection of pieces that will change and adapt over time. We begin with a 9 piece release, comprising of insects, woodland and green coffins. 

Made from sturdy Stainless Steel, you have no worries about discolouration, the Beetle Necklace won't leave skin green! Stainless Steel is an extremely strong metal, this necklace will not stain, scuff, bend or succumb to damage easily. Which is precisely why we love Stainless Steel!


The Stainless Steel chain measures 18" - perfect for everyday wear.

Photography: Shutter Go Click Photography

Sculpted by: James Suret Art

Model: @riannaanoff

All of our jewellery pieces come with a soft velvet bag with our logo printed in silver foil print as standard! (Excluding Wholesale Orders)

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