Rose Signet

Sephira Signet Ring



Just like the majority of our jewellery, the Sephira Rose Signet ring is made from Stainless Steel. (Which means no tarnishing or discolouration)

The  Sephira Rose Signet ring is our last release of 2018 – so we thought we’d go out with a bang. 

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Sphere 7 – The Tree Of Life – Plants: Rose.

The sephira of nature is Netzach. Its nature is ecstatic, the joyous play of the divine energy. It is also the first sephira of emanation that operates without ?ethics,? It contains within its meaning the process of negative feedback. To this sphere are attributed the gentle gods of life and beauty, of which some are Venus, Aphrodite, and Bast. Their terrible aspect comes from their inhuman natures with respect to justice or morality.