Easy Ways to Support Small Businesses This Christmas

This year has been a long and hard time for EVERYONE. Honestly, we’re over 2020 now, but we’re powering through and going out on a positive note! Like most small businesses, we know how much each and every engagement, interaction and order means, and we also know how tough it is to be a small business at Christmas – especially this year! So, we’ve put together some easy ways to support your favourite small businesses this Christmas!

1. Support and engage on social media

It’s easy, it’s free and, let’s be real, we’re ALWAYS on our social media anyway! The more you interact and engage with a business on social media, the more traction that business will gain on that channel (especially on Instagram)! It’s such an easy, effortless way to help your favourite small business reach more people and, potentially, more customers!

Check out the pic below to see how engaging with small businesses on Instagram can make all the difference!

2. Repost and share!

Again, easy to do online, but a bit more direct! If you love a brand or business and know that your friends and family would too, then go ahead and share! There’s enough for everyone! Word of mouth is still one of the best ways that small businesses can be supported and shared with more people!

Or maybe you just love the pictures they post and the look of their feed! Did they post a beautiful photo that matches your feed’s aesthetic? You can always repost the photo and TAG them to credit the business! This way, the small business reaches a whole new audience.

3. Take part in giveaways!

Honestly, WHY NOT?! Giveaways are a win-win situation for everyone! They’re usually very easy to enter, boost the business’s reach and engagement, AND you’re in with a chance to win beautiful things for FREE!

4. Shop Small!

This is probably the biggest and best way you can support your favourite small businesses! Especially if you don’t want to get the same old Christmas presents that everyone gets for your family and friends. Small businesses offer so many special, unique products and services that you often can’t even find in big shops!

We understand that not everyone will be able to do this one all the time, or even at all! But if you’re looking to spend this Christmas, look at purchasing from small businesses! And if you do buy something, SHOW IT OFF! Post it on Instagram or Facebook and tag the business! Honestly guys, we love seeing you guys sharing what you’ve bought! Probably more than you loved receiving the item!

Not sure where to even start when buying from small businesses? You can check out our Christmas Gift Guide blog HERE to discover our favourite products from a range of small, alternative businesses that we LOVE!

5. Go local!

This is very similar to the tip above, but it’s even better if you’re able to support your local businesses! Even if it’s just stopping by a local cafe to pick up your morning coffee instead of going to a chain coffee shop, it’s still supporting small businesses!

If you have any family or friends with businesses then do the same for them! Rave about their business online or recommend them to your friends! Have a friend that’s an aspiring make-up artist or hairstylist? Even volunteering yourself as a guinea pig so that they can practice their skill on you is still support!

You can even use Small Business Finders to help you discover local businesses or search the #ShopSmall hashtag on Instagram to find small online brands that you may love!

6. Leave reviews

Another free, easy way to support small businesses and boost their online presence and reputation! Whenever you leave a review for a business, you are helping to direct someone else to that business without even directly speaking to them!

Check out the ‘Help Us’ highlight on our Instagram or click HERE to find out how you can easily leave a Google Review for any small business!

7. MAKE a Christmas Gift Guide!

This is where you can get creative and show some love and support to your favourite small businesses in one go! Pick a few items in different price ranges from each brand that you love and compile it into one post, blog, or article, and SHARE! This is a fun, free way to not only support your favourite small businesses, but to encourage others to do the same too!

If you do make a small business Christmas Gift Guide, be sure to tag us so we can check it out and share too! If there’s one way to support small businesses, it’s through the community of other small businesses and our amazing customers!


We hope our advice and tips have helped you discover some of the ways you can support small businesses like ourselves without having to spend! Remember, any small show of support, interaction or sale can INCREDIBLY help small businesses this Christmas! We are always so thankful and appreciative of the love and support we receive from you guys and love sharing it with our fellow small businesses!

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Have an incredible Christmas and happy holidays to all of our amazing friends and customers!

Love and Light

ML xox

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