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Coven Coveted – Paige’s Pin Collection // Gothic Pins from Mysticum Luna, Drop Dead, Babe Cave & More

Pin Subscription

Yep, i’m ya typical Virgo, I love to collect and organise stuff (hence creating our monthly Pin Subscription – The Pinscription). From being a kid organising my pebbles from each beach I visited, I knew I had a long life of collecting ahead of me. Even some of the creepier items (cough, pot dolls, cough) still did it for me and so to still be collecting random bits in my mid 20’s is no surprise. I won’t lie, I didn’t even wear pins until I made the first ML pin back in August 2016, but once i’m fixated, I just can’t stop – and now i’m out of space. Time to make a bigger pin board I reckon!

Pin Subscription

Firstly, the pin display!

The coffin shaped pin board of my dreams. I’d seen a few online for £100+ and thought hey, I could make that. It might be a little rough around the edges but it’s mine and i’m a DIY queen. Here’s how I did it:

-Cut 6 pieces of wood, I had no idea of angles so just shaved more off as I went along

– Glued them together and sprayed them black

– Laid the coffin(ish) shaped wood onto a foamex board and drew round it

– Cut the foamex board and covered with black velvet

– Stuck the wood onto the velvet and voila, a semi functioning pin board!

Pin Subscription

Here’s my pin collection in my home. It looks great amongst my other collected items (I went through a taxidermy stage too, shock horror). I stayed with a black framed theme to make everything sit well together on the wall even though they’re completely different frames and shapes. My pins have been picked up over the past 3 years, from different countries and there’s loooooads of old ML pieces that we no longer sell (I’m sorry). I’ve tried my absolute best to include as many links as I can, but sometimes my brain just said nope.

Pin Subscription

And now for the nitty gritty:

Leader Of The Pack Pin – Babe Cave

Gold Torch – unknown

Norway Pin – bought in Oslo

Tudor Rose Pin – Etsy

Rose Hand Pin – Drop Dead

Anti-Socialite Pin – Disturbia

Ace Of Spades Pin – Ebay

Penguin Pin – unknown

DD Rose Pin – Drop Dead

Rose & Snake Pin – Disturbia

Death Club Pin – Drop Dead

Skull Pin – unknown

Night Creature Bat Pin – Killstar

Moon Emoji Pin – Pins By Ferris

Gardens By The Bay Pin – bought in Singapore

Cat Pin – unknown

Mother Fucking Magical Pin – Etsy

BCMA Pin – unknown

No God Pin – Blackcraft Cult

Berlin Pin – bought in Berlin

Cat Pin – unknown / gifted

Be Mine Pin – Cutesy Huge 

Cat Pin – unknown / vintage

PMA Pin – PMA Gang

Marilyn Manson Pin – bought at Bloodstock 

Bird Pin / Game Of Thrones Launch – Drop Dead

Mushroom Skull Pin – Triangle Of Bears

Wolf Pin / Game Of Thrones Launch – Drop Dead

Dagger Pin – Disturbia

Elephant Pin – unknown

Scythe / Skull Pin – unknown

Arms Pin – unknown

Serpent’s Lair Pin – Mysticum Luna Pin Subscription

Wicker Man Pin – Alton Towers

Man In The Moon Pin – Mysticum Luna Pin Subscription

Unicorn Pin – unknown

Sage Pin – Mysticum Luna Pin Subscription

Ouija Board Pin – Mysticum Luna

Nap Queen Pin – Mysticum Luna

Triple Goddess Pin – Mysticum Luna Pin Subscription

Sinister Soul Pin – Mysticum Luna Pin Subscription

Horror Pin – Mysticum Luna Pin Subscription

Ghoul Girl Pin – Mysticum Luna

Sparkle Skull V1 – Mysticum Luna

Rick & Morty Rick Pin – unknown / gifted

Sparkle Skull V2 – Mysticum Luna

Black Widow Spider Pin – Mysticum Luna Pin Subscription

Dead Is The New Black – Mysticum Luna Pin Subscription

Your Fate V1 – Mysticum Luna Pin Subscription

La Rosa Pin – Mysticum Luna  Pin Subscription

Casket Crew Pin – Mysticum Luna

Your Coffin Or Mine Pin – Mysticum Luna Pin Subscription

Rest In Deceit Pin – Mysticum Luna

Sparkle Pumpkin Pin – Mysticum Luna Pin Subscription

Priestess Of Pins – Mysticum Luna 

Bone Tree Pin – Mysticum Luna Pin Subscription

Witchcraft Cauldron Pin – Mysticum Luna

Witchcraft Cauldron Pin (Defect) – Mysticum Luna

Tooth Pin – Mysticum Luna

My Wedding Pin – Let’s not talk about this one

Woman Of Wonder Pin – Mysticum Luna Pin Subscription

Lover’s Noose V1 – Mysticum Luna

Lover’s Noose V2 – Mysticum Luna

Your Fate V2 – Mysticum Luna

Metal Bones – Mysticum Luna Pin Subscription

Sparkle Tooth Pin – Mysticum Luna Pin Subscription

Satan’s Signet Pin – Mysticum Luna Pin Subscription

Crazy Bat Lady Pin – Mysticum Luna

Glasgow Hard Rock Pin – Hard rock Cafe

Vivienne Westwood Globe Pin – Vivienne Westwood

Love You To Death Pin – Mysticum Luna

WITCH Pin – Mysticum Luna Pin Subscription

Japan Hard Rock Pin – Hard Rock Cafe

Brussels Hard Rock Pin – Hard Rock Cafe

Berlin Hard Rock Pin – Hard Rock Cafe

Fly Pin – Drop Dead

Mallorca Hard Rock Pin – Hard Rock Cafe

Orlanda Hard Rock Pin – Hard Rock Cafe

The Royal British Legion Pin – Antique

Sin Pin – Mysticum Luna 

Dagger Pin – Mysticum Luna  Pin Subscription

Singapore Hard Rock Pin – Hard Rock Cafe

Berlin Hard Rock Pin – Hard Rock Cafe

Bali Hard Rock Pin – Hard Rock Cafe

Woman Of Wonder Pin (glittery) – Defect Mysticum Luna

Harbinger in x 3 – Harbinger

Manchester Hard Rock Pin – Hard Rock Cafe

For more gothic homeware & lifestyle posts, keep an eye on the Coven Coveted section of our blog!

Love Paige xox