£6.00 / month

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Welcome to the Mysticum Luna Pinscription – our first monthly pin subscription box!

Each monthly Pin subscription will include:

2 x completely limited edition pin badges

The two pins you receive will be very limited. Any pins left over after each Pinscription has been shipped will be added to at £6-7 each. But once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

We currently have a limit of 150 spaces for subscribers, so make sure you sign up before all the spaces go!

Postage price included

RRP: £14 + P&P

The last day to sign up each month is the 29th (midnight, UK time). If you sign up after this date you will receive the following months Pinscription as your first!

Pinscriptions will be posted out on the last day of each month.

Please note you will be sent a notification of shipping after signing up, please ignore this! We have to mark Pinscriptions as shipped to confirm them on our database.

How to unsubscribe: It’s quite straight forward, you just need to unsubscribe via Paypal! – To make a change, log in to your Paypal account and go to My money in your Profile, then update the “My pre-approved payments” section.

More questions? Head to our Pinscription FAQ’s! Click HERE

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