Hello Witches! This week we thought wed go through spell candles and their uses with you! We hope this is useful for you, and as always feel free to pop us a message if you want any advice!


White: contains all colours. It symbolises purity and innocence, and the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess. Use for purification, peace, healing, truth and sincerity, cleansing, spirituality, clarity, wholeness and joy. It can also protect, repel negative energy, relieve tension and aid in meditation.


Yellow: is the realm of intellect, inspiration and creativity. Use for confidence and charm, persuasion, wisdom, mental strength, concentration, communication, memory, logic and learning. It stimulates your personal power and self-esteem, and promotes cheerfulness and an optimistic outlook. Use it to invoke or represent the element of Air.


Orange: is energising and promotes stimulation, joy and success. Use for good fortune, prosperity, power, action, energy building, and courage. Aids in legal matters, achieving goals, cleansing negative attitudes and bringing in happiness and enthusiasm. Also used for attracting friends and inspires emotional healing.


Pink: represents all variations of love friendly, romantic, spiritual, and universal. Use for love magick, compassion, forgiveness, joy, harmony, sensitivity, emotional and spiritual healing, and self-love. Promotes spiritual awakening and opening of the heart.


Red: is the colour of fire and passion. It represents activity and action, blood, love, sex, fertility, potency, power, vitality, and courage. It instils energy and strength and can thus be used for health, vigour and defence. It also symbolises the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess. Use it to invoke or represent the element of Fire.


Purple: is a highly spiritual colour and is associated with psychic abilities, spiritual awakening, and ancient wisdom. It is the colour of the third eye chakra where your psychic vision and inner eye reside, so purple can be used to open your third eye in order to invite visions and enhance intuition. Use also for spiritual protection, healing, respect, honour, wisdom, purification, sensitivity, progress, spiritual growth and dissociating from the ego. Meditate regularly with a purple candle to reduce stress or insomnia.


Magenta: is used to facilitate quick changes and fast results in spell work. Burn with another candle to increase the energy of that candles purpose and intent. Also used for exorcism and spiritual healing.


Blue: is a soothing colour and is connected to spirituality, inner peace, and harmony. Promotes wisdom, truth, tranquillity, rest, healing, serenity, patience and kindness. Burned for dream magick and prophetic dreams. Encourages loyalty, understanding, and a peaceful home. Use it to invoke or represent the element of Water. Meditate with a blue candle to help focus your mind.


Turquoise: is used for stress relief, focus and intellect. Aids in storing knowledge, improving memory, and finding logic in any situation.





Green: is associated with nature, growth, and fertility, and is a symbol of the Goddess and her green earth. It is also a colour often linked to money and financial success. Use for luck and prosperity, abundance and generosity, earth magick, physical and emotional healing, rejuvenation, and renewal. Assists agriculture to encourage a good harvest. Use it to invoke or represent the element of Earth.


Brown: is the colour of earth, and holds a grounded, balanced vibration. Assists in clear thinking and decision-making. Promotes concentration, intuition, material gain, wealth, common sense, and stability. Also encourages intuition and telepathic abilities. It is said to help locate lost objects. Also used to protect and heal animals.


Silver (or grey): is a neutral colour and can be used to deflect and neutralise negative influences. It brings protection against otherworldly entities, stabilises energies, and promotes inner peace and serenity. Also a symbol of the Goddess, and can be used to invoke any female deity.


Gold: is associated with the God and solar deities. It is believed to attract the powers of cosmic influences. Encourages success, wealth, communication, persuasion, victory, masculine energy, and confidence. Use when invoking any male deity.


Black: absorbs all colours, and is often used to absorb or banish negativity. It reverses curses and hexes. Use for protection, banishing, repelling black magick, and ridding of bad habits. It enhances inner strength, resilience and self-control, and can be used in meditation to delve deeper into the unconscious. Also burned for powerful healing and support through loss and grief. Represents the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess.