Rose Reel Media – “Newly established videographer / photographer based in Rotherham. Currently on my second year of my degree in Media, Moving Image and Photography. Looking to take on new projects to build up my portfolio”

Shannon Hodson, the woman behind the camera, is extremely talented, and motivated to make sure that her work is always the best she can produce. Her work can be seen on our website in all of our product pictures, and we are hoping to be producing a video with her shortly.

Rose Reel Media is the first step that Shannon has made to create her own name for herself and her work. She has already created a lot of connections with people who can help her to increase her following. Shannon hopes to work with as many people as she can as she wants to expand her already stunning portfolio.

From gothic jewellery photography to badass engagement shots, Rose Reel Media has you covered. 

Shannon is currently looking for bands, artists and models to work with, she’s also open to working with business’ as she has with us here at Mysticum Luna.  

To view Shannon’s work, go to her Facebook page: Rose Reel Media. She uploads pictures of her work daily so you can see for yourself how beautiful she can make the everyday seem. To contact her you can message her Facebook page