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November Picks – Customer Spotlight // Black Onyx Crystal Hoops, Satan’s Signet Baphomet Ring & More Occult Jewellery From Mysticum Luna


It’s time to flaunt you lot again! Here’s some of our favourite Mysticum Luna Occult Jewellery looks of November!

Don’t forget if you want to be featured on our monthly Spotlight to upload your ML jewellery pics onto Instagram and tag us! 

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31, West Yorkshire

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

I had to dress sophisticated for the work Christmas party but it wouldn’t have been complete without my Serpent Hoops. The dress is from Pretty Little Thing but the ML hoops just gave it a bit of attitude and pulled the whole thing together making it a bit more me.

What’s next on your ML wish list and why?

The new Cobweb Collection for sure. They’re super pretty but enough to make a statement. Everyone needs a bit of Mysticum Luna in their lives!


28, Scotland

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

On my fingers with my other rings. Big bold rings on my index fingers so its the first that people see! (Goat of Mendes and Satan’s Signet pictured)

What’s next on your ML wish list and why?

More rings and pin badges!


23, Birmingham

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

I wear it all the time, I cannot part with it. I find it makes every outfit even better with a touch of old English lettering.

What’s next on your ML wish list and why?

I have so much! I really want the Orb Weaver Spider Ring, and some pins as I love pins!


22, Belgium

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

For the ring: at the moment I only have two rings I really like and I wear them both every day.  I like to wear my 666 ring on my index finger because it’s not too subtle, but also not too chunky – I think it’s the perfect balance. Besides the 666 ring, I also have the Raven Hoops which I love. I do have strechers, but I like to put the hoops between my skin and my strechers. I think it looks better that way than to just put them through the stretchers. They also stay in place that way. I really love the combination! Who says you can’t have strechers and still wear earrings, right?

What’s next on your ML wish list and why?

I still have loads on my wishlist! Let’s see: I think I’m gonna go for the Orb Weaver Spider ring, the 666 choker necklace, the layered Starsign Necklace or the 666 Hoops. (Is it obvious I like your 666 design? Haha)


25, Kent

How have you styled your ML occult jewellery?

I love styling it with dramatic eye looks and plenty of silver jewellery alongside. Honestly never get bored of having stretched ears with your hoops! The Raven Hoops always have to be styled with the corresponding ring and leather.

What’s next on your ML wish list and why?

Scorpion Hoops, Bat Hoops, Snake Hoops and far too many rings to choose!


21, Cannock

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

I always put my basic black Crystal Hoops with everything!! Any occasion where I need to look more dressed up in they look so nice with too!! And I’m always wearing my 666 necklace with cool casual outfits, it’s my fave necklace I own.

What’s next on your ML wish list and why?

The Death Stalker Scorpion Earrings for sure are on my wish list!! Being a Scorpio I am obvs obsessed with anything with a scorpion on it lol. The Spell Bound Pin, Three of Swords Tarot Pin, and the Cobweb Ring are all defo on my wish list!! I have way too much fun adding your pins to my jacket.


29, USA

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

I style my ML jewellery for special occasions with black or dark clothing, particularly ankle-length dresses or leather jacket outfit combinations.

What’s next on your ML wish list and why?

The “Orb Weaver” Spider ring is next on my wish list because I tend to prefer silver jewellery and the spider design compliments my aesthetic.


Until next month!

Paige & Hannah

ML xo