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The Green Witch Collection – The Process, BTS & Photoshoot


From the depths of natural, botanical magic: the Green Witch collection. Above all, this collection is inspired by the earth and the magic we can draw from it – this is a growing selection of pieces that will change and adapt over time. We begin with a 10 piece release, comprising of insects, woodland and green coffins. This much anticipated release has seen some major Covid-related hold ups, but after 11 months we’re ready to unleash the Green Witch.


It all started with a mood board! Me, Hannah & James added to a Pinterest board for weeks until we had the concept down – so, here’s a little look into our brains!


Our original plan included loads of green and botanical inspired pieces, however over time we started to lean more towards insects. After a little bit of a push from Samantha Gill we settled on the Beetle Ring & Necklace and James began sculpting.


Beetle Pendant


Beetle Ring


Druidess Hoops


The most exciting part of this collection is that it will continue to grow, so here’s a sneak peak of a future addition – The Lavender Bundle Necklace!

The Plan


Okay, this is a slightly adjusted version of ‘the plan’. Our original schedule would have seen the release hitting your baskets in JULY, however COVID had other plans (sob). We had planned on shooting at the mossy green paradise known as Lud’s Church and creating a video of the day but my pregnancy threw a slight spanner in the works.

The Shoot – Behind The Scenes

The Shoot – Final Pictures

So, a huge thank you to my amazingly talented life partner and photographer Ryan AKA Shutter Go Click Photography.

Thank you to Samantha Gill Beauty for taking time out of her busy Girl Boss life to create the beautiful earthy, green witch looks.

Also, thank you to the super talented Rosie Red Corsetry for allowing us to use her gowns for the day! (I’ll be honest, i’ve always been crazy about her work and wanted one of her wedding dresses for my big day. So it was an absolute honour working with her). In short, shop the gowns pictured HERE.

Above all, we’re going to make a conscious effort to show you more of the process with each collection. So in other words, we’ll see you at the next big release!


Paige & Hannah