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Attracting Money | Tips and Tricks for Baby Witches

April signifes a balanced equilibrium. It is the best time to work on growth and moving forwards in new and positive ways. Psychic energy is high so why not channel this to attract money and start to complete all your goals!
Kicking off our tips and tricks with one of the most popular methods to attracting money, used by Millionaires and successful Business people all over the world - Law of Attraction.
The first step to utilising this method is identifying and addressing any limiting beliefs on money you have and begin practicing seeing money for what it really is; an accessible and unlimited resource. This can be amplified by using Positive Affirmations e.g. "I am a money magnet", "Everything I touch turns to gold" and "I am happy and free to visualise my dreams". 
Next you need to begin visualising wealth as though you have already achieved it. The key thing to remember is Believe inwardly, Project outwardly. By doing this it helps to create an abundance mindset as apposed to a mindset constricted by limits. 
Possibly the most important part of this is to remain grateful throughout, the Universe will provide you with more of what you are already grateful for! 
This ones perfect for all you baby Witches out there! Grab a Gold Candle and a Stone of your choice - can literally be one from your garden! Begin by lighting the candle and holding your stone in the palm of your hand, while doing this clear your mind and say: 
"Fall the mark of wealth and power,
Unto me you come on wing,
Bring the riches that I speak,
For I shall revel in their part,
I wish for my fortunes to grow,
Coin or paper I shall hoard, 
As it comes to my doorstep,
In all passages finding its way,
My treasures grow in number,
My wealth surges in all ways."
Then pass the stone over the flame three times and put in your wallet or purse.
If you are deeply connected to the power of crystals, and practice crystals to manifest, amplify, and attract energy. Then simply just using Citrine may be the ideal method for you! It is traditionally associated with money and is great for making connections. Take it places with you or even keep it in the office to better 
your network and work relationships. 
For this money method you'll need these items: 
Organic Sugar 
Glass jar 
Place all these into a jar while saying "I attract money in abundance" and burn a candle, then seal the jar with the candle wax!
This is one of our favourite and most trusty methods to attracting money!
You'll need to grab a couple of things such as:
A bowl - green, gold, copper or clear 
Some coins
Trinkets that represent money 
Crystals - Pyrite & Citrine
Herbs - Bay leafs, Mint & Cinnamon 
Essential Oils - Jasmine, Chamomile & Ginger 
Spell candle - green, silver, gold 
Paper & Pen 
Once you have gathered everything cleanse it all using the Incense. Then write your intentions e.g. I have £1000 in my savings by the end of the year. Fold the paper towards you and begin placing all the items in the bowl. Anoint the candle with the essential oils and burn it within the bowl. Once finished we always put it in a safe place either near the doorway or a workspace. A top tip is to keep feeding the bowl! So just keep adding herbs or trinkets whenever you feel the desire too! 
We challenge you to try at least one of these methods and start your positive journey towards achieving your goals!
ML xo 
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