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Witches Guide to Autumn | Altar Candles & Rituals

As many of us know the Autumn Equinox is just around the corner, Friday the 23rd of September is heading straight towards us - the time when there becomes an equal balance of light and dark, the leaves begin to change colour and we say a farewell to Summer. Theres a feeling of change in the air, something new around the corner and surprises hidden at every turn! Friday is your chance to greet and prepare for the new Season, Nature is a part of all of us so as the Seasons transition do we. So lets light a candle and begin!
Green Witch 

Where does the Equinox come from?

Clocks were not an option for the ancient cultures, minutes and hours of the day/ nighttime had to be measured in other ways. They learnt to measure the sun's position through geometry. 

The Sun's rising and setting points were calculated at moving slightly each day of the year. When the sun reached its highest Northernmost Point this was deemed the Summer Solstice and marked the longest day of the year. 

It was noted that there were two days of the year when the Sun rose exactly east and set exactly west ajar from the Equinoxes.

The Equinoxes can even be seen in Greek Mythology, it was thought that the Autumn Equinox marked when Persephone would return to her Husband Hades in the darkness of the underworldHow Should We Celebrate Autumn?

One of the most common ways to celebrate is with the "Gifts of the Season", this would be things like Apples, Cider, Pumpkins (Pumpkin Spice), corn and whatever is available at your local Farmers Market or even whats growing in your Garden! Feasting is also a common custom and one most can enjoy!

Get your nearest and dearest round for the feast, include newly in season fruit and vegetables. The importance of this Dinner is to cook with intention for the new season and to share food with friends/family while celebrating love and abundance within your relationships.


Rituals for you try! 

Burning ritual

Now is the best time to set up a Fire pit or burn your favourite Candles and set alight something you would like to get rid of!

We did this in the form of a letter which you write as a goodbye to your old self, anxieties, money issues or relationships that are toxic or holding you back. 

Take the letter and fold it away from you three times, turning it anti-clockwise with each fold. Throw the letter into the fire and imagine what ever you wrote about being released from you! and say Goodbye.



Earthing is all about absorbing Mother Natures energy and the changing of the Seasons. Get involved by going outside, wether its your garden or your favourite woods/ field... remove any footwear and socks, feel the ground under your bare feet. Thank the Earth and take deep breaths. You can also begin to mediate in the outdoor space of your choice and focus on what you want to happen this season.

Thank you for reading out Guide to Autumn, may your cauldron always bubble with laughter and your broomstick take you to amazing adventures. Sending love your way, ML xox

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