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Welcome to Wiccan Key Words Part One! In this series of blog posts we will cover commonly used words in the practice of Wicca and Witchcraft and their meanings.

Wiccan Lingo Part One:


A Balefire is a ritualistic bonfire that represents the God. The Balefire is used in summertime festivals such as Beltane and midsummer. Therefore this is when the power of the God is at its peak.

Book Of Shadows:

A Book Of Shadows is like a Witch’s personal journal. Inside it spells, recipes, remedies and other such useful information is kept. Witches may write their feelings towards certain rituals, herb work, cooking ect and make amendments on how to change things in order for it to feel more personal to them or to make things run smoother.


The act of cleansing refers to clearing your space (or crystals, supplies etc) of negative energy. Alternatively a common way to cleanse your items would be to use clean running water.


A Familiar is an animal with which you feel you have a spiritual connection with. The animal can be your family pet, a pet that you have chosen due to feeling a connection, or even a mythical creation whom you think best protects you.


A sigil is a symbol which you create yourself, for yourself. Witches charge them with their intent in order for them to be stronger and more personal to them. Furthermore there are no limits on how many sigils you can be using at one time. You can put them on just about anything too.


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