Whitby Goth Weekend | April 2018

Over the weekend of the 28th and 29th of April we graced the amazing historic town of Whitby! For what you may ask? For the famous Whitby Goth Weekend of course! An event that’s been running for 24 years.

This was our first year trading at the Goth Weekend. We were super excited at the idea of spending a weekend meeting old and new customers!

The stalls were spread out over 3 locations. We were placed in the Bizarre Bazaar Alternative Market in the Spa Pavilion. It was a massive showcase of businesses big and small in the alternative community.

This was our first stall since we had our flagship store broken into back in March, therefore we’ve had to work our asses off to make sure we had enough stock. Not only for this event but for all the future events we have planned in the summer! It’s been hard work getting back onto our feet, we’ve sacrificed evenings and weekends to build our stock levels back up because if there’s anything we both hate, it’s letting you guys down. Cancelling any of our trading shows was not an option!

Also, this was Paige’s first time in Whitby and my first time trading there, as I’ve been to my fair share of Goth Weekends I knew that we’d be right at home having a stall here (and I was totally right!).

Firstly, getting to interact with other small business owners and customers alike has added a little fuel to our fire, and we’re ready to take on every single hurdle that’s heading our way.



Hannah xox

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