Fall head-over-heels in love with yourself with these Self-Love rituals and Spells! Crafted with love and magickal herbs like Lavender, Rose petals, Mint, Basil, Lemon and Sandalwood, these charms will help you unlock a more content, peaceful, and beautiful you – magic 'n' all!

The Birthday Candle Spell

This spell is about celebrating yourself so pick a coloured candle that represents you most. Take your Essential oil and anoint the candle with it using upward strokes. Use the lighter to melt the bottom of the candle over the Agate slice, then press the candle onto the slice so it adheres. Sprinkle the Salt in a circle around the candle for protection. Place your Rose quartz besides the candle to amplify your intentions. Light the candle and gaze into the flame. While doing this think about all the things you love about yourself, turning any positives negative. Do this until the candle burns out.

The Elixir 

For this spell start by drawing a symbol or writing affirmations on the bottom of the jar that represents self-love to you. Next fill the jar with water, place outside in your garden for at least three hours to absorb the energy of the earth. Once you've done this pour that water into a kettle and boil. Then hold your cinnamon sticks in your hand and conjure up a moment that reminds you of pure love. Let the love spread through your whole body. Place the sticks into the water using one stick for every 8 ounces. Let the sticks infuse the water for 10 minutes and then enjoy your cinnamon elixir.

Self Love Alter

Begin by laying the mirror flat on a surface. Place your crystals in any design you find satisfying, go by your intuition. Using your art supplies create art work that represents your favourite attributes about yourself. Highlight your uniqueness. Put this art work in the centre of your altar. Think positive thoughts whenever you see the altar.

Self-Love jar

As you add each item into the jar say aloud what you want to gain from the object. When it comes the bay leaves, using a permanent marker write clear affirmations. Once you have added all your items seal the spell by lighting your candle, allow the wax to drip down to form a wax seal. While the wax is still wet you could place a Rose quartz into the wax.

New Moon Ritual

Begin this ritual on the day of the new moon for five days. At the start of each day pull one tarot card. Looking at the corresponding meaning associate what the card represents with your work. You can focus on the imagery of the card and how it inspires you or the story/meaning behind the card itself. At the end of the fifth night display all your cards you've picked wether that's at an altar or propped up on your desk, use as a reminder of what they inspired you to think about.

Self-Confidence Ritual

This ritual needs to be done over 7 days. Select 7 coloured candles each representing a day. Try to pick colours that correspond to elements of your personality that you love. At the end of each day light a candle. Envision how that colour represents a part of who you are and why it's so important. Then bask in the glow. As you do this say your affirmations. Once the candle has burnt out place in a container, on the seventh day charge them under the moonlight. they will then embody and be a symbol for why you're so amazing.

Renewal Bath

Begin by pouring 4 cups of water in a pan and boil. Add the rose petals and cinnamon. Once it boils turn off the heat and let sit for 15 minutes. Fill your bath with warm water and light a white candle. Then add your mixture to the water. While you bathe think about the way you have treated yourself, let all your negative thoughts seep into the water out of your body. Repeat your favourite affirmations and relax for a while.

Recharge Spell

Take your bowl of lukewarm water and add a few drops of essential oil. Place one palm up, facing the sky and place one palm over the water, facing down. With the palm facing upwards envision the universes energies coming into you and say "I ask for the energy to stay active and healthy". Imagine the energy moving towards your other palm and pour the energy into the water. When you feel you have charged the water, wash your hands in the bowl. Repeat however many times to recharge your energies. 

Make this year the year you learn to love yourself! With this set of features, you can explore different ways to practice self-care and find out which activities are right for you. Whether it's rituals, spell jars or just taking a break, feel the love with these methods!

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