A Guide to Spell Herbs

Dive into the world of spell herbs with us! From chamomile and Balm of Gilead to Black Pepper and Fennel Seed, we've got all your favorite herbs to take your spells to the next level. Choose your favorite, brew up a magical concoction, and watch your spells come to life

Balm of Gilead:

Carry the bud to mend a broken heart and/or attract a new love into your life. Steep the bud in red wine for an effective love drink or burn as an incense to aid spirits manifestations.

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Black Pepper:

Mix with salt and sprinkle about the home to dispel any evil or negative vibrations. Add to food to enhance circulation and boost the immune system, eliminate toxins and improve digestion.


Use yarrow to attract love and rekindle friendships. Drinking an infusion will aid psychic powers. Medicinally, yarrow is excellent at the start of an infection, cold, sore throat or flu, especially for children, sweetened with honey, as it causes the body to sweat to clear toxins away from the body. Its duiretic properties makes it a useful tea for urinary infections and fluid retention. Externally, use the infusion for sore eyes, as a cleanser and toner, and as a hair rinse for dandruff and “falling hair”.

Celery Seed:

Crush the seed, tie in a small piece of muslin, and inhale to still the conscious mind and awaken the psychic. Chewing the seeds will aid consentration. Infuse 1tsp seeds in a cup of water and drink daily for arthritis, rheumatism and gout.

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An infusion added to the bath will attract love into your life but, if you wash your hands in it, it will attract money. Use as a hair rinse to lighten blond hair, whilst drinking the tea with honey will aid sleeplessness, headaches, menstrual and menopausal problems. As a lotion, the infusion will calm sunburn and eczema. In children and babies, use a weak solution for colic, teething, vomiting and diarrhoea. An useful all-round herb.

Cinnamon Bark:

Burn as an incense with benzoin to attract money, or with copal or frankincense to stimulate psychic powers. Add a decoction to honey and lemon for a wonderful cold remedy.

Clove Bud:

Burn as an incense to attract riches, drive away negative vibrations and purify the area. Carry the buds to stop gossip, and also to attract members of the opposite sex. Medicinally, clove is a powerful antiseptic, clearing phlegm and fighting infection (add with cinnamon to the above cold remedy). The tea aids hayfever sufferers, especially if sweetened with the local honey.

Star Anise:

Add to incense to increase psychic powers, and wear the seed to promote psychic ability and bring luck.


Inhale to stimulate the conscious mind, as it closes down the psychic – place in sleep pillows to prevent nightmares. Thyme enhances the immune system and aids the body to fight infection, so drinking the infusion and adding thyme to food will relieve asthma and bronchitis, soothe the digestion and relieve urinary infections and water retention. Adding the infusion to the bath makes an excellent remedy for exhaustion, insomnia, anxiety and depression, and as a gargle makes a great mouthwash and remedy for sore throats.

Coriander Seed:

Add the powdered seed to wine for a lust potion, or crush the seed and inhale the aroma to help memory, relieve headaches and speed the body’s healing ability.

Fennel Seed:

Hang the seed in a muslin bag above doors or in windows to give protection to the home. Fennel tea is an excellent remedy for the digestive system, kidney stones, cystitis and weight loss, whilst as a gargle, it will relieve sore throats. It is also gentle enough for babies and children with colic or teething problems, and pregnant mothers with morning sickness. A warm infusion also makes an excellent eyewash for sore eyes.

Fenugreek seeds:

Now this wee spell is brilliant for attracting money – half-fill a small jar with the seeds and leave off the lid. Each day, add a couple more seeds until the jar is full.Return the spent seeds to the ground. If the money has materialised, then it is done. If more is needed, then start again. Well, it certainly works for me.

Galangal root:

Magickally, carry this herb if you need to attract good luck, or put it in a leather pouch with a piece of silver if you need to attract money. Medicinally, this is a member of the ginger family,so is an excellent remedy for indigestion, stomach pain and vomiting. Drink the infusion sip by sip to stop seasickness.

Grains of paradise:

To bring into your life whatever you desire, hold a few grains into your hands, make your wish, then throw a few of them in each direction, starting at the north and ending in the west. Repeat regularly until your wish materialises. It is done.

Lavender flowers:

In incense, lavender promotes rest and infuses the area with peaceful and calming vibrations. As a tea, it calms the nerves, reduces muscle tension and relieves indigestion and colic. It is also a handy remedy for tension headaches and asthma.

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Marjoram, sweet:

Used magickally in cooking, this herb will strengthen love, and medicinally, it lifts the spirits. Marjoram tea helps regulate the female cycle – drink 3-4 days prior to a period. Add the herb to sleep pillows to ensure a deep sleep, whilst giving marjoram to someone who is depressed will ensure that happiness returns.


One of our favourite spell herbs! This herb is a very powerful addition to any magickal collection. Drink the infusion (and despite what you will read, this herb is actually very palatable) before scrying or any form of divination, as it aids psychic ability. Wash your crystal ball or scrying mirror in the infusion to keep it magickally cleansed, whilst standing the sphere on a bed of mugwort will aid the scrying. A sachet of mugwort hung over the front door will keep evil away, whilst carrying a sachet will increase lust and fertility. If you are an astral traveller, then it will be easier to project with mugwort by your side. Medicinally, mugwort tea is excellent for the menopause.

Mustard seeds:

Mustard stimulates digestion and enhances absorption, whilst an infusion will fight off colds and infections, lethargy and depression, used as a footbath (yellow) or as a gargle, it is antiseptic for sore throats and tonsillitis. These seeds with your meal helps the body to fight colds, arthritis and rheumatism.


Carry for luck and protection, and sprinkle the ground nutmeg into candles or incense to attract money. String the nutmeg and place around a baby’s neck for a herbal teething ring.

Patchouli leaf:

Magickally, this leaf is mainly used to attract money. Add to prosperity incense, cash tins and purses or sprinkle in a circle around a green candle to attract wealth, prosperity and fertility (another favourite spell of mine – simple but effective).

Poppy seeds:

Carry the seeds to attract luck and money, whilst eating the seeds will help achieve pregnancy as they promote fertility


Burn sage to banish evil and negativity. Crush between the fingers, inhale and visualise money and abundance coming into your life. Medicinally, this infusion is an excellent gargle for sore throats or footbath for fungal infections. Take a leaf and rub it on your teeth for an extra clean feeling. Dring the infusion if you suffer from night sweats, or have had a viral infection, as sage is a tonic to the system, lifts the spirits, relieves tiredness and lethargy and helps with concentration. Not for pregnant or lactating women.