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Small Business Birthdays

Many business birthdays have come and gone, and usually they've gone unnoticed. I can't really pin point why i've never made a big deal of it, probably the sheer panic at this stage of the year preparing for Download Festival, but this year was different. Today I am vouching to never let a business birthday pass again without eating cake (at the very least).

small-business-birthday-sheffieldEarlier this week we turned 7, and what a wild ride it’s been! I’m so proud of what Mysticum Luna has become and 7 years ago, when I first picked up a pair of pliers and decided to give jewellery making a go, I did not envision the business to become what it is today!

Although i've spent most of this year nursing my newborn from the comfort of my sofa, Hannah has held the fort in getting all of your lovely orders out to you and for that I am eternally bloody grateful.

That being said, my brain was never given chance to rest. My creativity returned with full force and i'm now at a point where i'm getting myself ready to return to my normal working hours and I am BRIMMING with ideas.

From new packaging to new designs, a new website to Royal Mail Collections. This year is going to be one hell of a glow up for Mysticum Luna and we're not slowing down any time soon! (once I learn to juggle mum life and work life a teeny bit better)



The Cake


Thank you to @altbakingco for the PERFECT birthday cake. Adorned with plenty of glitter, black icing and our logo sitting proudly on top, Kate really impressed with this Biscoff flavoured work of art! I've actually had to leave it with Hannah in the office to stop myself from eating it all. 


I hope you're enjoying the new site and the new features it offers! Btw, this is the first blog post to go live on here (wahoo)!

Love & Light



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