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Mysticum Luna X Corporation Halloween Take Over!

Over the Halloween period, aka our favourite time of the year, we’ve been busy cookin’ up some schemes to spread the Mysticum Luna word.

Recently we teamed up with our favourite dark, gloomy, disgustingly sticky, yet absolutely fabulous venue Corporation in Sheffield.

Firstly, if you’re from Sheffield or any of the surrounding areas, you will of heard of Corporation (or Corp as it’s known!). It’s well known for its dangerously lethal coloured pints, loud rock music and its dark interior. It’s become a staple club to visit whilst out partying in Sheffield. Therefore we’ve had more than enough memorable (or not!) nights on their dance floor.

When we were asked if we wanted to sponsor their Dirty Deeds Halloween party of course the answer was hell yeah! We immediately got into work mode and put our dancing shoes on.

Finally, thank you to everyone that came to our stall. Everyone who had a drink with us and celebrated the best holiday of the year! We had an amazing night celebrating with some of our nearest and dearest.

Finally, here’s a peek at what we got up to!

Halloween StallHalloween StallHalloween BannerCorp Stall

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