Jewellery Spells and Old Wives Tales Mysticum Luna

Jewellery Spells and Old Wives Tales

Jewellery Enchantments/ Spells & Old Wives Tales 

As the veil between worlds begins to thin, and the crisp autumn air sets in, the anticipation of Halloween awakens our inner witch. The shops are stocked with Autumn Spooky items, and the scent of Pumpkin Spice beckons us to embrace the magic of the season. Join us in casting spells with our bewitching Jewellery and invoking the wisdom of our Old Wives Tales, to welcome the darker nights and all the enchantment they bring.

Ring of Protection Spell

If you are the kind of person who wears Rings everywhere you go... try protecting yourself from bad wishes with this protection spell and keep all the bad vibes away!  

You will need 

- A Mysticum Luna Ring 

- Black ribbon or twine

- Black Peppercorns 

 Take the black ribbon/ twine and tie them onto the ring. Then hold each side of the tied ribbon so that the ring is suspended and be sure to pull the thread tight. While staring only at the ring in front of you, chant the following : 

"Never ending, never bending, round the circle, round the ring" 

Put the ring on your finger and repeat the spell: 

"Never ending, never bending, round the circle, round the ring"  

 Lastly place the ring on a table, fill it with the peppercorns, and recite the following incantation: 

"Never ending, never bending, circle round (Your name) bound"

Wear all the time, or whenever you feel you need it. If it feels like its lost its protection just repeat the above! 



Old Wives Tales

Old Wives and Witches are seen as one and the same, the tales passed down through generations of wise women and healers are still around now and still hold some influence over some. There are many Tales that revolve around Jewellery so we found a few of our favourites! 

 Jewellery Breaking

According to superstition, your jewellery breaking is said to be a sign that you aren't paying attention to something in your life. You could be holding onto something that no longer serves you or holding on to a memory too tightly? It is also said that the item has absorbed too much negativity around you causing the breakage. No one wants their items to break, so have a look at our Stainless Steel Collection known for its hardiness.

Amethyst to Make You Sober

"Amethyst" comes from a greek word meaning "not drunken" and was actually used to eradicate the effects of alcohol. This ideology was then passed down throughout the wealthy individuals, which led to them adding powdered Amethyst to their wine or drinking from Amethyst glasses to prevent getting intoxicated! This is also why many think Amethyst aids in easing anxiety and helping clear your mind due to its sobering powers. Clear your mind with our Pentacle Layer Necklace!     

Try out these ideas and unleash the power of Jewellery magic and shield yourself and your precious Mysticum Luna adornments! Our mystical Jewellery spells will safeguard your treasures with ancient enchantments, ensuring their protection against negative energies and malevolent spirits. Embrace the magic of Mysticum Luna, Love ML xo

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