Headscarf Hairstyle Hack Mysticum Luna

Headscarf Hairstyle Hack

We tried out the TikTok Headscarf trend using our Halloween Headscarf!
First Step - Grab one of our 6 Headscarves!
Step Two - Put your hair into two bunches.
Step Three - Pull the headscarf through each half of hair. Try to get equal lengths of scarf on either side (makes the last step easier!).
Step Four - Plait the scarf into the hair, using the scarf as the third strand.
Final Step - Take both plaits, wrap them around your head and tie in a bow at the top of your head.
Finished look! A cute hairstyle to show off any of our stunning Headscarves.

As avid wearers, we have created spooky and alternative Headscarves with all the luxury, without the price tag, and large enough size for some big bow action!

These large, multipurpose scarves can be worn in multiple ways, not just around your head. They can be tied around a handbag handle or a wide brimmed hat. Worn as a headband or scarf, or just threaded through belt loops to glam up a plain pair of jeans.


Material: 100% Polyester

Size: 90x90cm

Shop our range of Headscarves HERE!


ML xo

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