Easy Ways to Have a Wonderfully Witchy Christmas

It’s officially that time of year! Grab your candles, bath salts and spell books, witches, because we’re going to make this one the best yet! If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s keeping the witchy vibes going throughout the year, even during Christmas! After all, it’s what we deserve after what 2020 has thrown at us! So, we’ve put together a small list of things you guys can do at home to have the most Wonderfully Witchy Christmas yet!

1. Making the Ultimate Christmas Candle

You simply CAN’T have a good witchy Christmas without the right scent filling your home and setting the atmosphere. Making the ultimate Christmas candle can be a very personal task and you can pick and choose with scents and herbs you feel would make your Christmas the best. However, there are some ingredients you simply MUST try to bring about a great Christmas scent!

Firstly, you’ll need a large candle (you can check out our range of witchy candles HERE). Now, you can choose to either melt down your candle to mix it with the herbs and add the mixture to a candle mold after (tricky), or you can lightly coat your candle in a drawing oil and roll it in the herbs so that they stick to the outside of the candle.

Next, select your herbs and scents. As it’s Christmas, spices such as cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg are a MUST. As well as these, others we recommended you include are: powdered chocolate, orange zest, pine needles and (as always) sage!

Roll or melt your candle in with the herbs and light as you’re eating your Christmas dinner for a truly wonderful, witchy Christmas evening!

Yule Candle recipe and method inspired by This Crooked Crown.

2. Celebrate the Winter Solstice!

As much as we might miss the sun, celebrating the darkest days of the years can be the best part of Christmas for any Yule witch (and especially those who live for the moon’s energy).

This year the darkest day is set to be the 21st of December, however, the solstice can last from the 20th-23rd – that’s 3 nights of solstice celebrations! To make the most out of this year’s winter solstice, we suggest surrounding yourself with cleansing and rejuvenating crystals and stones to welcome the end of the year and inspire a refresh for the new year and coming of lighter days.

The stones we recommend for this include:

– Orange Calcite

– Garnet

– Chrysocolla

– Ametrine

– And, if necessary, clear quartz for some major healing. Which, let’s be real, we might all need after this year!

Another way you can make the most out of the winter solstice this year is to prepare a moon water jar to charge during the long nights! It may be a while until we can charge in a full moon, but when better than the darkest days of the year to make the most from the moon’s energy?

We suggest using a salt-washed, transparent jar to encourage clarity and focus from your moon energy. Next, fill the jar with fresh water and add your birthstone along with any herbs or stones of your choice. Finally, leave out to charge under the moon overnight, and be sure to remember to bring it in before dawn light hits!

Repeat this for as many times as you like during the darkest days and store your charged moon water in the fridge to prolong it’s energy for when you need it!

3. Make Some Yule Spell Ornaments!

This is a great one for anyone who loves prefers more alternative decorations and loves a bit of DIY!

All you need for this is some empty clear Christmas baubles (or even old lightbulbs with some string attached, for those who love to recycle)! Next, remove the metal screw from the bauble. Then, fill it with herbs, spices and any other items to match your intentions for each decoration. In fact, even making one of these ornaments and placing it high on your yule tree can capture the witchy Christmas spirit!

Additionally, you can write a loved one’s name or a short hymn on a small piece of paper to place inside the bauble to bring the intended energy to that person at Christmas. The perfect secret present for family and friends!

4. Hang Witch’s Bells

Hanging witch’s bells from your door is a simple and easy way to protect your home and space from evil spirits during the festive period.

This time of year, small bells (the same ones that reindeer wear) are easy to find! Attach at least a bundle of three bells to red ribbon and tie around the handle to your front door. This will keep your home protected from any unwanted energy whilst still keeping it festive!

“Guard our home, bell on the door. Let evil spirits come no more. Evil spells shall not be cast, and good fortune shall ever last.”

Protection spell by @Brighidmoondust

5. Gift a Real Yule Log

Finally, sharing witch-inspired and traditional gifts is by far the merriest way to spend a wonderfully witchy Christmas. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace or area to safely burn a log – or know someone that does – this one is for you!

Much like creating your own Christmas Candle, creating a real yule log is a very personal and intentional practice. Firstly, you’ll need a large log and somewhere to keep it safe and dry over the Christmas period. Each day, add a couple of herbs, spices or other items to your log to build up a Christmas concoction. You can add cuttings of mistletoe, pine cones, dried cranberries and sugar to your yule log. As well as your favourite herbs and powders.


By Christmas Day, your yule log should be complete with all the necessary Christmas items and personal additions. Tie a red ribbon around the log and use it as a centre piece on your table at Christmas dinner. Or, gift it to a friend to use! For this, we suggest personalising the items added to the yule log over the days to suit the loved one you will be gifting it to.

You can choose to bore holes into the log to fit candles to burn whilst having your Christmas meal. Alternatively, you can burn the log in a fireplace whilst you eat!

Of course, for those who have the baking skills, you could create a chocolate yule log cake, complete with edible additions! Just save a slice for us!

Finally, no matter how you’re spending this Christmas, spend it with joy, generosity and optimism for the new year! If you’re still Christmas shopping, check out our Alternative Christmas Guide for gift suggestions from some incredible small, alternative businesses! Also, check out our blog on supporting small businesses during the Christmas period (and all year-round) by clicking HERE. You can also check out our range of gothic jewellery and homeware HERE.

Merry Christmas, witches!

Love & Light

ML xox

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