Download Festival | June 2018

So, our heads pretty much exploded the day we got our email confirmation from the lovely people at Download to tell us we’d been successful in our application to trade there. There was Prosecco, a bit more Prosecco, Paige threw a boiled egg at a docked boat in drunken excitement and we were pretty much on a massive high for the rest of the evening. My celebrations however were bittersweet, as I myself wasn’t able to attend Download due to family commitments (always next year though!). Ever since I began working at Mysticum Luna I knew that Download Festival was always the aim. Every year we applied and every year we were turned down, but damn it we persevered.

After the Prosecco hangovers cleared we were suddenly greeted with the feeling of ‘….shit, we got a LOT of jewellery making to do!’. The vast majority of our stock is handmade and printed by only me and Paige. And we had to cater to 110,000 of you guys! We’d already had to work into over drive to make up for the stock we lost during the shop break in back in March, but we knew this would be totally worth all of the hard work.

Firstly, we worked like crazy for a solid couple of months. Secondly, we managed to Tetris pack all of our stock into a tiny van and off the team went! 6 days of camping, working, and festival portaloos!

Everyone had an incredible time and worked so hard! And of course, meeting new and old customers is something we always love doing. Download festival is definitely going to become a yearly event for us and we can’t wait for next year already.

Next up on our events calendar is Bloodstock Festival. 


Hannah xo

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