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     Surviving Mercury Retrograde: Communication Chaos and Cosmic Shenanigans! 

    Hold onto your hats, because it's Mercury Retrograde time again! That wacky period when communication goes haywire and misunderstandings seem to sprout like wildflowers. But fear not! We've got your back with some stellar advice to help you navigate this cosmic rollercoaster.

    This time around, Mercury Retrograde graces us with its presence from January 14th to February 3rd. But wait, there's more! This retrograde extravaganza gets spiced up by the unpredictable Aquarius season for the first half and the hardworking Capricorn for the second half. Talk about a celestial mashup!

    What is mercury Retrograde?

    It all stems fro Mercury, who's in charge of communication, transportation, and technology. It's called Mercury Retrograde, and it's like Mercury is going in reverse from our point of view for about three weeks. Now, here's the catch: during this time, things tend to get a bit wonky and unpredictable.

    You know those moments when you're trying to send an important email, and bam! Your internet goes on a spontaneous vacation? Or when you're cruising down the road, and suddenly traffic appears from no where for no apparent reason? Well, blame it on Mercury Retrograde! It has a sneaky way of causing delays, miscommunications, and all sorts of mischief in our lives.

    During this cosmic rewind, everything from technology glitches to missed appointments to misunderstandings can happen. 

    However it's a time for reflection, reevaluation, and maybe even a little introspection. It nudges us to take a step back, review our choices, and reassess our goals. 


    Things to avoid : 

    - Going on a first date 

    - Starting a new job 

    - Purchasing any electronic equipment 

    - Launching a new business 

    - Any major purchases 


    Things to focus on : 

    - Using your intuition 

    - Increasing creativity 

    - Practice meditation 

    - Journalling 

    - Getting your car checked 

    - Backing up all technology 

    Put these tips into practice for all the upcoming dates as well!

    January 14th to February 3rd

    May 10th to June 2nd

    September 9th to October 1st

    December 28th to January 18th (2023) 

    It's absolutely crucial to make yourself a top priority and carve out some quality "me" time. Sending you a massive wave of positive energy to ride through this cosmic rollercoaster.  Here's to navigating the twists and turns with grace and coming out stronger on the other side. You've got this!

    Sending you loads of love and good vibes, xox



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