BLOODSTOCK 2022 | The heatwave captured Mysticum Luna

BLOODSTOCK 2022 | The heatwave captured


Wow, Bloodstock 2022 was one wild ride! We were practically melting under the blazing sun, but nothing could stop us from having an absolute blast. Luckily, Shutter Go Click Photography was there to snap some hilarious pics of our sweaty shenanigans. From Charlie's gravity-defying headstands to Casey's truckin' dance moves, these photos will make you laugh, cry, and wish you were there with us. So go ahead and check them out, but be warned: the FOMO might hit you hard!

We just wanna give a huge shoutout to all you awesome folks who came by, you brought so much joy and laughter to our day that we might just have to start a fan club in your honour. Seriously, you're all amazing and we're ridiculously grateful for your awesomeness!

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