Bloodstock 2021 | A Return to Festivals! Mysticum Luna

Bloodstock 2021 | A Return to Festivals!

It's been 2 whole years since we set foot on Catton Hall's grounds, and this year was something a little bit special. British heavy metal festival Bloodstock is a favourite for this small business and so last summers cancellation was a huge blow for us and for 15,000 (ish) others too.


This family friendly event was perfect for my little lockdown babies first festival too. At just 8 months, Casey was welcomed by metal heads a-plenty and enjoyed watching his first ever band Skindred.


The feeling of getting back to doing what we loved was immense. Being able to hang out, drink, laugh and cuddle you all is what makes our jobs worthwhile! Mysticum Luna is my first baby, so to be able to take my actual baby to experience what I love doing was such a privilege. 


You may have seen more of Jony & Charlie's faces this year, they absolutely bossed the stall and Jony is probably now reciting Mysticum Luna's catalogue in his sleep. Thank you to the both of you for taking so much of the load to let us manage our little bab for 5 days of festival goodness. 

It felt good but strange to be among so many people but the majority took the dreaded 'C' word as safely as physically possible and we all tested regularly!

If you stopped by and had a chat, bought some goodies or just took a business card, we love you! Until next year Bloodstockers!
Film photos courtesy of my amazing fella Shutter Go Click


Photo info:

Nikon FM3A, Olympus MJUII, All home developed in Cinestill DF96 using a Lab Box & scanned by me. Pan 400 Pushed +2, Tri-X 400 Box Speed, T-Max 400 Box Speed, Agfa APX 100 Box Speed, Sibera Pan 160 Box Speed.
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