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Alternative Clothing – Same accessories, 2 different looks

I’m going to be completely honest in saying that I don’t really have a style. Aside from the fact that the majority of brands would be classed as ‘alternative clothing‘. Most days I throw on whatever I find first in the wardrobe because me and Hannah obviously opt for comfort over style in the office.

First of all, let’s talk about this Yellow Tartan Dress from Bershka. I’m an avid online shopper, I hate trying on clothes in shops and always order sizes way too big for me because I tend to hide in baggy, oversized clothes. I bought this dress during what can only be described as a quarter life crisis, but boy am I glad I did.

Alternative Clothing

Alternative Clothing

Wearing something so tight to my skin makes me shudder on the best of days. Thankfully, this styling post reminded me that it’s cool to have curves (it’s cool not to as well). I have a strange relationship with my body, and it’s strange that the only item of colour in my wardrobe makes me feel so good. Giving off some serious clueless vibes, this dress is soft and stretchy, and it works perfect with leggings too (‘cos some days you just gotta be comfy).

Alternative Clothing

Alternative Clothing

The leather jacket of my dreams, I’ve struggled for years to find the perfect fit. Most larger jackets end up huge on the shoulders and make me feel bigger than I am. For high quality, good fitting alternative clothing, Disturbia got you covered.

Yellow Tartan Dress from Bershka

Fishnet Bodysuit from Ebay

Chain Belt from Boohoo

Jadon Boots from Dr Martens

Leather Jacket from Disturbia

Alternative Clothing Alternative Clothing

Alternative Clothing Alternative Clothing

The Finer Details – Alternative Jewellery

Bolline Knife Necklace by Mysticum Luna

Crypt Coffin Necklace by Mysticum Luna

Death Stalker Scorpion Earrings by Mysticum Luna

Crypt Coffin Bangle by Mysticum Luna

Orb Weaver Spider Ring by Mysticum Luna

Crypt Coffin Ring by Mysticum Luna

Heart & Dagger Ring by The Great Frog

666 Ring by Mysticum Luna

The lil heart & dagger Great Frog ring is the latest addition to my ring collection. Check my last post for a full run down of my rings and my love for gothic jewellery.

Paige xo

Full styling video:

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