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The Dark Side of Horticulture

Calling all Green Witches! Gothic Gardening- it’s the new big craze! And we have the most amazing products to feature in our Small business Spotlight from Morticulture, a gothic horticulture business, to inspire you to get some magic back into those green fingers.

What is Morticulture and what do they do?

Morticulture is a small business created by Carla Valentine – a qualified Anatomical Pathology Technologist, or more commonly known as a ‘Mortician’. She holds both the certificate and diploma in Anatomical Pathology Technology and is currently researching our relationship with human remains. Throughout Carla’s 8 year career, she has carried out autopsies on coronal, hospital and forensic cases, including paediatric and adult. This work also involved high risk cases, namely, SARS and Swine Flu.

In her spare time she also studied Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology, which led Carla to excavate plague graves in Venice and WWI graves in Belgium, as well as medieval burials in Chester.

So where does a gothic gardening business come into this story?

Well, alongside all of these extraordinary achievements and experiences, Carla also decided to set up her own small business where she can express her other love – Mother Nature. As a budding Green Witch with a taste for all things dark and spooky, Carla captures her two loves perfectly in her products.


“Are you interested in death and all things gothic? Do you like horticulture, in particular plants which can be used in potions and poisons? Then this Venn Diagram illustrates you need ‘Morticulture”

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Morticulture specialise in these simple and easy to follow grow your own plant kits. For example the ‘Grow Your Own Ghost Kit”.


In February, we were lucky enough to do a product swap with them for a Valentine’s Day small business giveaway they hosted on their Instagram. We were sent the “Grow your own Halloween Ghost kit” which you can see below. Of course, we were so impressed by the quality of this little coffin shaped kit that we felt it deserved its own small business spotlight!



Tap HERE to get your own “Grow your own Halloween Ghost kit”


This kit contains everything you need to grow your very own “Silver Ghost” plant (Eryngium Giganteum).


It contains:


  • Reusable sturdy black coffin box (size 9 x 19 x 5cm)
  • Wooden stake for marking them up when they grow to seedlings
  • Parchment paper information and instruction ‘scroll’ tied with satin ribbon
  • Recycled plastic saucer
  • Your ‘Silver Ghost’ seeds



We’re blown away by the creativity of this product, and of the whole business! We can’t wait to watch our little Silver Ghost grow and we wish Carla all the best with her incredible spooky small business.


Lastly, please show @Morticult some love on Instagram. Check out their website: and show them all the support they deserve!


Love & Light, as always.


ML xo