Meet Team Mysticum Luna 2021

Paige – Founder, Designer, Maker & Boring Admin Gal (Gotta love an organised Virgo boss lady)

Over the years, Mysticum Luna has been a number of things, it has changed, adapted and evolved in many ways. Looking back on the last 7 years, our growth and versatility truly blows me away. When I first picked up a pair of pliers back in 2014, I did not for-see what the coming years would bring.  I knew nothing about jewellery making, or business in general and had no end goal. The first few items I listed on Etsy were pretty questionable but looking back at them now, I'm proud of where I started and where I am now on this weird and wonderful jewellery making journey. For anyone that's not sure on their career path and where they want to be in life, it will come, don't doubt yourself or your ability. 

Goals: Continue to grow! This little team we've got now is everything I could ever dream of AND MORE. Long term, I really want to learn more about the fashion industry and create a whole line of clothing! 

Fave Pieces: Cosmic Coffin Ring, Flame Hoops, Serpent's Lair Hoops, Hel Skull Hoops, Cobweb Heart Hoops, Fly Ring

Hannah – Order Fulfiller, Customer Service Queen & Occasional Brand Model

A fun fact about me and Paige; we used to hate each other as teenagers. I know! Silly girl squabbles over a boy. But we both went our separate ways and as we got older the feud was long forgotten. Our paths crossed again in our early 20’s when I did some free-lance modelling work. I turned up to the shoot ready to pose my ass off when I saw her sat across the room. I had some minor flashbacks to our teenage years and I was pretty apprehensive, but we instantly clicked. She was at the shoot to dress the models in some of her jewellery, this was my first introduction to her little (at the time!) company, Mysticum Luna. I purchased my first ring from her at that little shoot in Nottingham. After that I visited her flagship store in Rotherham and instantly fell in love. I started to model for ML as well as collaborating on a few projects. This over time grew naturally into a partnership, I quit my boring day job and I haven’t looked back since!

I've been part of the Mysticum Luna team for 5 years now and I've absolutely loved watching it grow and change into the business it is today! We've worked festivals, trade shows, even horror conventions. Every year is different and a hell of a rollercoaster! 

Goals: My short term goal is to work on my business management skills and work on my wax carving, my long term goal is to slowly but surely take over the world!

Fave Pieces: My favourite gothic jewellery pieces have to be the entire Hel Skull collection , Nocturnal Succubus Necklace, Beetle Ring


Mysticum Luna

Eve - Social Media / Marketing Assistant 

I love designing and creating its always been something I've enjoyed and has always been a big part of my life, so this job was perfect for me. Each day is literally different here, one day is making jewellery and the next is stood in the middle of the woods, never boring! Before this I did Fine art at sixth form and went on to to study it at University for a year, but it just wasn't for me. Outside of working I spend most of my time with my dogs and outdoors, I go slightly crazy if I'm stuck inside all the time. I absolutely love horror and action films, can never pick a favourite between Iron Man and The Conjuring they are both comfort films for me which I know is slightly weird. 
Goals : Improve using procreate to bring my ideas to life and help to grow Mysticum Luna even bigger!

Lastly, a huge shout out to our favourite digital artist James Suret Art who helps to make our Mysticum Luna dreams a reality. James sculpts our designs and gets them ready for manufacturing and has helped ML to step their game up since 2020. You can support James & show him some love by following his Instagram!