June Customer Spotlight | Snake Hoops, Coffin Necklace & More

Welcome to our June Customer Spotlight, the highlight of our month is looking back at how you lovely lot have styled our goth jewellery. This month features our Coffin Necklace, Leviathan Cross Pin Badge & more!

We definitely have a bit more time on our hands this Summer, normally we’d be frantically making and packing for festivals! -sob-

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Hail Satan Cross Stitch


23, Wellingborough, UK

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

I wear the Cobweb Ring and the 666 Ring every day! Gives any outfit a fantastic edge to it! I wear the Witch Necklace when I’m not at work and when I’m out and about I mix that with the 666 Choker! The pins from the Pinscription are on my leather jacket which I live in and mix with all my outfits. My ML is my go to jewellery for all occasions for a spooky and edgy look.

What’s next on your ML wish list and why?

My wish list: (apart from everything on the website) is the 666 Earrings, because who doesn’t love a set as well as the witch earrings for the same reason. I’ve got my eye on the Horror Necklace, because I adore horror and It’s such a beautiful piece! And of course the Horror Earrings to match!



21, Cambridge, UK

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

I absolutely love all the jewellery from Mysticum Luna especially my Snake Hoops! I have styled my earrings with a black frilly dress and a chunky head band for a spooky maid vibe, and the earrings from Mysticum Luna are essential!!! I’m already eyeing up so many pieces.The detail and quality which goes into every piece of jewellery is amazing and well worth the money!

What’s next on your ML wish list and why?

I have the new Barbed Wire Choker and the Orb Weaver spider ring already on my wish list which I hope to purchase soon so that I can live out my little witchy fantasy🖤



21, Germany

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

I usually pair the Raven Skull Choker with the Bone Necklace and the Cobweb ring with the Spider Ring and Black Coffin Ring.

What’s next on your ML wish list and why?

Right now I have the Horror Hoops on my wish list (I’ve ordered them before for a friend and they’re so gorgeous), the Sephira Rose Ring, the Starsign Necklace, the Crypt Bangle and the Memento Mori ring. I’m just really impressed by the quality and design of the jewellery pieces. They’re unique and can be paired in so many ways since they all fit and look gorgeous together ✨




21, UK

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

I love classic looking but alternative jewellery (80s style, i.e signet rings that your dad would wear etc) so I let the pieces speak for themselves- I stack my rings and go with it!

What’s next on your ML wish list and why?

I‘ll definitely be buying some of the new Barbed Wire Collection particularly the Bracelet as it’s edgy but can also look feminine at the same time!



37, Clanfield, UK

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

Being very Gothically inclined I always wear black, so the metal really contrasts my clothes! I like to show off individual pieces – so I tend to wear just one necklace to really show it off – I’m not a stacker. I’m very particular about making sure the length of the chain works with the outfit I’m wearing (I’m not high maintenance AT ALL!) & I like to make sure if I’m wearing statement earrings that the outfit really let’s them sing. I also EITHER have to be totally matching OR the pieces need to be different but the materials need to be the same so they are contrasting but also similar! I’m definitely not one for just chucking any old jewellery on!

What’s next on your ML wish list and why?

The Barbed Wire Collection is next on my list – definitely the Ring first, but then I know I’m gonna want all of it! It’s my birthday soon so I shall be asking the birthday fairy for that whole collection 😜



21, Portland, USA

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

I style my ML jewelry with my antique rings and a big t-shirt so my jewellery pops. I love a lot of bling instead of an outfit!

What’s next on your ML wish list and why?

I love the Barbed Wire and Heavy Metal sets I love how there’s so much jewellery for alternative girls and metal chicks that is actually stylish and will hold up!



28, Wirral, UK

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

I wear my Coffin Necklace with just about everything and love to pair it with the matching Ring!

What’s next on your ML wish list and why?

There’s so many things I would love to get but top of my list is an Old English Letter Necklace!

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Until next month!

Paige & Hannah x