Mysticum Luna Gothic Jewellery - Lockdown

Coping with The Goth Life (and not losing your marbles) during Lockdown

Mysticum Luna Gothic Jewellery - Lockdown

With all of this Pandemic madness going on, loneliness, cabin fever and boredom is bound to rear it's ugly head! A small silver lining to this entire lockdown is that for a lot of us it's the first time we've been able to take a step back, stop and breathe. This can be a time to relax, get yourself back in order AND do some much needed self care! Here's our quick little guide on keeping yourself busy and spooky during this complete and utter planetary melt down.


Calling all film witches, Netflix bingers and season destroyers, now is your time to shine! We all have that one movie or TV series we've been trying to watch for months, but simply haven't had the chance to! We finally have the time to make popcorn, pillow forts and settle in for a night of horror films, Tim Burton movie marathons or if you're anything like me, Disney Plus.


Since we finally have all the time in the world, this is the perfect opportunity to release your inner Green Witch, gardening is a perfect way to collect your thoughts, bring yourself some inner peace and feel closer to nature. It's also a perfect opportunity to collect spell herbs to put that hex on ya ex!


Decluttering may be my favourite way of cleansing my brain of bad juju, there's something just so satisfying about throwing things away that no longer bring you joy. Apps like Depop and Ebay are a great way of making a little extra money whilst getting rid of things that no longer bring you happiness. Alternatively you could donate your unneeded things to your favourite charity. Your junk is someones else's treasure!


Cleansing can also be an act of self care, everyone loves a good skin cleanse and now with lockdown you've got the time to have a proper witchy pamper. We're here for bath bombs, face masks and hair masks! (Hex bomb is our go to for ALL spooky bath bombs). Styling your hair, painting your nails, doing your make-up and other small acts of self care can really boost your mood when you're sick of sitting around in your pyjamas all day (I'm so guilty of this!)


At a time like this, keeping in touch with your nearest and dearest is vital! A lot of us are isolating alone (me included!) so don't forget to check in regularly with your coven. Group FaceTime calls are now becoming a regular thing for me and they're an amazing way to keep that feeling of human connection which we all so desperately need at the moment.


Lastly, DON'T feel bad for not making the most of every single day, sometime's the biggest victory is just getting out of bed, don't put too much pressure onto yourself to enjoy every second of Lockdown. Sometimes, you just got to have a day laying around in that over-sized band top that has a mystery stain on it, hair shoved up in a bun, living your best lazy-ass comfy goth life!

Don't forget, the sooner we stay inside, the sooner all of this will be over. If you truly have no one to talk to, or you're feeling especially lonely our email is always an open ear!

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Love & Light

Hannah & Paige

ML xo

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