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BORN WILD – A collaborative Jewellery Photoshoot – Shutter Go Click, Gothic Jewellery from Mysticum Luna modelled by Bex Fisher.

Gothic Jewellery

After months (and I mean MONTHS) of searching for the perfect location for this concept wrapped up in my brain – it hit me! Thurcroft Pit (AKA basically my back garden). We set about organising the troop and perfection was created! – I’m not blowing my own trumpet, this is all about our incredible photographer & model. Rolling mounds of dirt and rubble set the scene for what can only be described as one badass biker babe Jewellery Photoshoot.

Bex worked with us many moons ago, back when Mysticum Luna was only a baby. And after one hefty model search, we knew Bex would be perfect to represent our brand new Death Stalker Collection. Bex, AKA BexBoCreep, is a super talented girl boss tattooer from the Midlands, make sure to show her some love in the opening of her very own studio!

Last but by no means least, Shutter Go Click – Sheffield’s Alternative Wedding Photographer. Imagine finding someone with a mind even more creative than your own? Hell, i’m a lucky gal. But without sounding biased, Ryan’s work is something else. From his shiny prisms to his ability to make everyone feel at ease. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Ryan’s work within Mysticum Luna’s future.

bike-photoshoot Gothic Jewellery neck-tattooscorpion-ringGothic Jewellery thurcroft-pit Gothic Jewellery Gothic Jewellery Gothic Jewellery Gothic JewelleryGothic Jewellery Gothic Jewellery Gothic Jewelleryscorpion earringsplanchette-tshirt Biker-rings scorpion necklace Gothic tassel jacket bike photoshoot Gothic Jewellery Gothic cross necklace Biker Jewellery photoshoot

The Details

Model: @bexbocreep

Photographer: @shuttergoclick

Video: @paige.mysticumluna

Make Up: @babyxclaws

Gothic Jewellery Featured: Death Stalker Scorpion Ring. Death Stalker Scorpion Necklace. Death Stalker Scorpion Earrings. 666 Ring. 666 Choker Necklace. Sephira Rose Signet Ring. Nocturnal Bat Ring. Osteomancy Bone Necklace. Orb Weaver Spider Ring. Raven Ring.

Tshirt: Logo Ringer Tshirt

If you wanna see the making of this photoshoot, make sure to check out our Behind The Scenes blog post! Get in touch if you’d like to get involved in our next collaborative small business photoshoot!