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Coven Coveted – How to accessorise Thrifted Outfits with Sustainable Gothic Jewellery

Guest Blog: Itsaliceann – How to accessorise Thrifted Outfits with Sustainable Gothic Jewellery!


Jewellery is a must for any outfit. Whether it be a necklace, a bracelet a ring or two, or three, or four… or all of the above! Statement pieces of jewellery will certainly finish off your outfit perfectly!

Personally, I’m big on thrifted outfits. Charity shops, EBay, Depop and Vinted are my best friends. I will avoid buying items new as much as I can and only buy new if it’s an item of amazing quality because I then know it will last a long time. To me, buying good quality, long lasting jewellery is so important to reduce your fast-fashion intake. That £5 shop bought zinc alloy necklace might look cute, but it will almost always turn your skin green and be in the bin within the month. This is where Mysticum Luna comes in!

Their pieces of gothic jewellery are all made from stainless steel – a material which will last for years and years without becoming tarnished, is recyclable and most importantly, sustainable. They offer a wide range of items to suits all styles, ranging from chunky occult inspired pieces to smaller, dainty necklaces using semi-precious stones and crystals. I personally have several rings from Mysticum Luna from when they launched in 2014 that are still perfect. I have no absolutely doubt these items will last for double this amount of time and more!

The Look

Mysticum Luna kindly asked me to come on down to their office to check out some of their latest pieces, so of course I had to style up a couple of my recently thrifted outfits! Check out some of my favourites below!

Guest Blogger Guest Blogger Guest Blogger

Pieces shown above are:

Layered Starsign Necklace, Crypt Coffin Ring, Memento Mori Ring, Planchette Ring, 666 Ring, Cobweb Ring & Orb Weaver Spider Ring

thrifted-outfits thifted-outfits thrifted-outfits

Pieces shown above are:

Raven Choker, Osteomancy Bone Ncklace, Sephira Signet Ring, Memento Mori Ring & Crypt Coffin Ring

Guest blog by Alice of

If you’d like to write a guest blog post for Mysticum Luna, email us: [email protected]