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Category - Educational

Pinscription – The Details!

Blog Posts, Educational, New Range

We’ve combined our love of pins and our love of getting post (who doesn’t love getting post though, seriously?!) to bring you our Mysticum Luna Pinscription. This is a subscription box unlike any other. Each month you will…

The Ancient Art of Smudging

Blog Posts, Educational

The art of sage burning (or sage smudging) is a Native American practise said to lift moods and abolish negative energy.  This ancient ceremony can be performed for a number of reasons and can be performed as frequently…

Ring size?

Blog Posts, Educational

If you’re having trouble trying to figure out your ring size, don’t worry. Here’s a quick guide on figuring out which size is right for you! To get your exact ring size, we suggest visiting your local jewellers,…

Moon Calendar 2017

Blog Posts, Educational

Keep track of the moon phases this year with this handy little moon calendar!

Wiccan Keywords Pt2

Blog Posts, Educational

Wiccan Keyword Part Two:   This week we thought we would give you another look into some more keywords used in Wicca:   Wicca: A form of modern witchcraft, founded in England in the mid 20th century with…

Wiccan Festivals

Blog Posts, Educational

This week we wanted to share with you the Wiccan festivals celebrate throughout the year, as always feel free to message us if you have any questions! Midwinter (Yule) Yule is an extremely important part of the Wiccan…

Wiccan Spell Bags

Blog Posts, Educational

This weeks blog post is aiming to show all you lovely Witches one method of how to create a little bit of magick. Wiccan spell bags can be created and tailored to fit any purpose, using any materials…

Spell Herbs Part 1

Blog Posts, Educational

Hello again, witches! For our second blog post we thought we’d tell you a little about herbs and their uses. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to email us or message us on any of…

Healing Crystal Properties

Blog Posts, Educational

Here at Mysticum Luna, we have decided to create weekly blog posts on a wide range of subjects, all incorporated into our mystical realm. For our first post, we have decided on a masterpost of commonly used crystals…

Spell Candle Meanings

Blog Posts, Educational

Hello Witches! This week we thought we’d go through spell candles and their uses with you! We hope this is useful for you, and as always feel free to pop us a message if you want any advice!…