Ways To Celebrate The Winter Solstice

Ways to celebrate the winter solstice - blog post

December 21st is around the corner, fall is coming to an end and Winter is officially starting! The Winter Solstice, also known as Yule, is one of the oldest celebrations in the world. Celebrating the shortest day of the year, midwinter and the return of the sun - a festival of rebirth. We have come up with some ways for you to join in and celebrate this centuries old, Pagan Holiday!

ways to celebrate the winter solstice

Honour the return of the sun with a candle, this symbolises the sun so try to go for golden or yellow hued. The Altar should be filled with things that symbolise Winter like Wreaths, Pinecones and Yule logs. Cleanse with sage to finish it off and there you have your perfect Yule Altar!  

winter solstice blog post

This is the perfect traditional way to celebrate the Winter Solstice! Grab some Winter Evergreens like Pine, Cedar or Holly and get creative. Evergreens are believed to wards off evil spirits so whether it’s for your yule altar or just for your doorway, it can hep protect and celebrate the season of Yule.

winter solstice

winter solstice

By now you've more then likely decorated your Christmas Tree however a Yule Tree slightly different! traditionally you decorate an outdoor living tree with hanging candles or any ornaments felt symbolised the sun, moon and stars. But to make this a bit easier if you have more than one Christmas Tree - even a tiny one, you can just decorate that with the traditional ornaments for Yule.

winter solstice

It's all about honouring the natural world, so take an opportunity to give back to nature whether its feeding the birds, plant something, create a safe space for Hedgehogs or even just letting your grass grow. Show some appreciation to the world outside!

winter solstice

Gift someone a gift from Nature. This could be Crystals, Plant- based Candles (any of our Wax Melts)  or even Plant Seeds. If this doesn't work for you shopping for an ethically sourced an Eco Friendly gift would also work! 


Wishing you the best Winter Solstice possible! 

ML xo