Small Business Spotlight | The Burning Cave - Alternative Wax Melts


What We Say:

“The Burning Cave, AKA my good pals Sam & Nathan are the latest to hit the Candle Making / Wax Melt scene and boy have they made an entrance. This amazing power couple officially launched their new venture mere weeks ago and have already had a staggering 135 Etsy sales! A whole array of goodies arrived on my doorstep this week, from wax melts, to skull candles. The Burning Cave has you covered.”

What They Say:

“South Yorkshire based couple, hand making vegan & cruelty free alternative candles & melts.

We are a couple of creepy cave dwellers from sunny South Yorkshire. We lovingly hand pour all our candles and melts using the finest quality ingredients, sourced in the UK.

Our range of candles and melts are cruelty free and vegan. We try to be as eco friendly as possible, the cellophane bags that our melts arrive in are made from biodegradable vegetable starch and our cardboard boxes are recyclable. We also use wood wool to keep your items secure inside the box, this is fully compostable and biodegradable.”


What’s in the box?

Vegan Skull Candle – Stunning unscented hand poured paraffin wax skull candle in a range of colours. Our quality vegan and cruelty free wax creates this unique pillar candle. Perfect for adding a touch of the macabre to your home decor.


Vegan Snap Bar Wax Melts (Cavern Campfire) – Smooth hints of sandalwood warm the zesty tones of mandarin and bergamot as the fragrance blooms.


Vegan Snap Bar Wax Melts (Flamekeepers Lair) – A fruity, floral combination of cranberries followed by orange and cinnamon.


Skull Wax Melts (Exotic Limestone) – A refreshing zesty scent with mouth-watering Indian lemongrass Thai lime and fresh mango.

Skull Wax Melts (Black Moonstone) – A vibrant, fruity scent with juicy black plum and fresh rhubarb.

One single Skull Wax Melt from The Burning Cave has filled my home for 5 days now. The scents are intense but not overbearing and great value for money – One Skull Wax Melt works out around 50p!

Thank you Sam & Nathan for kindly sending these to us! We wish you all the love and luck on your new small business journey!

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