Pinscription FAQ's | Monthly Pin Subscription

We receive questions about our pin subscription almost everyday, so we’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions about our Pinscription into one easy to read through blog post

What is a Pinscription?

The Pinsciption is our first ever monthly subscription box, each month you will receive two completely surprise pins delivered directly to your door.

I placed an order including Pinscription, the rest of my order has arrived but my Pinscription hasn’t. Why is this?

If you place an order that includes multiple items along with a Pinscription, your order will be packed up and shipped without the Pinscription. This is because all of our subscription boxes are shipped together at the end of every month.

When will my recurring payment come out of my PayPal account?

The recurring payment will leave your account on the same date every month. The date will be the same date you signed up. For example if you signed up on the 8th the payment will come out on the 8th of every month.

Why have I not received the pins you have advertised on your Instagram page?

We never ever advertise the current months pins, these are kept under wraps as every months pins are a complete surprise. The only pins we advertise are pins we currently have for sale on our website, this can sometimes include left over pins from previous boxes. We only release pins left over from previous months when we are confident everyone has received those pins successfully.

I signed up to the Pinscription on the 1st of the month, why is it taking so long to arrive?

Our Pinscription boxes are posted out in bulk all together on the last day of every month. Therefore if you signed up at the beginning of the month you’ll still have to wait until the last day! (It’s worth the wait we promise!)

How much is the Pinscription per month?

Our Pinscription is £10 per month for UK residents and £12 per month for all of our oversea customers. This price includes 2 pins and shipping!

It’s the end of the year, do I need to re-sign up?

Nope! Your subscription will roll over into the New Year, there’s never any need to sign up again unless you have cancelled your subscription and would like to sign back up.

I received a shipping notification for my Pinscription, what does this mean?

When you first order your Pinscription you may receive a shipping email. This is a dud email that our website sends out automatically when we change an order from ‘processing’ to ‘complete’, this happens when we add your details onto our Pinscription database. So don’t panic! Your Pinscription will still be shipped at the end of the month.

Can I receive multiple boxes?

Of course! Simply add as many boxes you wish to receive a month in your basket. You will be charged for each box you check out with, and this will come out as a bulk payment every month. For example, if you check out with 2 boxes as a UK resident you will be charged £16 per month.

I’ve changed my address recently, what should I do?

If you have moved house, or would like your box heading to a different location please email with your full name and full new address so we can update it on our system!

Why has my payment skipped?

If there are insufficient funds in your account on the date the payment is due it will cause your payment to skip. After skipping PayPal will attempt to take the payment again after 5 days, if it skips a second time it will try again in another 5 days. However if payment is skipped 2 to 3 times PayPal will automatically cancel your subscription. You will need to sign back to to carry on receiving your boxes if this happens.

I want to cancel my subscription, how do I do this?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. All you need to do is log onto your PayPal account, head to your profile and click ‘My Money’. From here you can update the ‘My Pre-Approved Payments’ section, enabling you to cancel your Pinscription!

There’s been a mistake with my Pinscription box, what do I do?

Email with any questions or problems.

If your question still hasn’t been answered feel free to email us at