November Customer Spotlight | Coffin Necklace, Orb Weaver Spider & More

We’re back with another Customer Spotlight of our BEAUTIFUL Mysticum Luna customers! It’s been a crazy month of lockdown, launches and LOTS of selfies! New pieces, old pieces, you’ve been rocking them all this month and we’ve been LOVING it! So, without further ado, here are just a handful of our wonderful customers rocking our pieces this month!


30, Glasgow, Scotland

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

Firstly, I love wearing my ML jewellery with lots of rings from various places and stack them up, the chunkier the better in my opinion!

What’s next on your ML wishlist and why?

I firstly found ML when I seen a post with the Heavy Metal ring, and since then I have wanted all the Heavy Metal line of jewellery. The ring, necklace, mug all of it ’cause it’s so beautiful and so me!


37, Finland

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

The Crypt necklace is a pretty and dainty piece so it’s perfect for layering on it’s own. For a small piece it makes a big statement!

What’s next on your ML wish list & why?

I would firstly love to have the Crypt hoops to complete my set! I also love the orb weaver-pieces!


26, Liverpool, UK

How are you styling your ML pieces?

I styled my Trick or Treat necklace with it standing off against my black shirt as it’s such a unique, stand-out piece and, as it’s cold, just a Disney Goth beanie and it went with the Halloween theme I was going for.

What’s next on your wishlist from ML?

What I want next from ML is the Nature’s Crypt collection I love emerald green and I have the other coffin rings in different colours so I’ve got to finish my collection!

Customer Spotlight

28, Lowestoft, UK

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

I styled it with another gothic necklace from a small business called Black Hearts Jewellery for an extra spooky effect.

What’s next on your ML wishlist & why?

Above all, I am dying for the black coffin necklace to layer in between my gothic P and pumpkin as a stand out stunning centerpiece.

Customer Spotlight

25, Glasgow, UK

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

I was wearing the Osteomancy bone hoops to goth up my Christmas jumper look!

What’s next on your ML wishlist & why?

I’m really keen to order the Crypt bangle!

Customer Spotlight

28, Glasgow, UK

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

Firstly, I never leave home without wearing my rings, and my leather jacket lapels are covered in Mysticum Luna pins! I love silver jewelry as it can really catch the eye against an all black outfit. Then, I’ve been thinking about trying to turn my Boline Knife necklace into an earring to add some more flair to my ears.

What’s next on you ML wishlist and why?

Next on my wishlist are definitely some more rings and homeware! I’ve recently purchased the triple goddess moon cushion and I think I need the ouija board one to complete the set. And finally more mugs! You always need a cool mug to drink coffee out of instagram that you’re drinking coffee out of.

Customer Spotlight

25, Bournemouth, UK

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

The Bolline hoops are such a classic statement piece. I love how they complete any outfit with baddie style!

What’s next on your ML wishlist and why?

I’ve got my eyes on the personalised blood drip name necklace! It’s perfect for any Halloween babe!

And that’s all our November features! Haven’t been featured this month but want to be? For your chance to feature in next month’s Customer Spotlight blog post remember to tag us in your pictures on Instagram so that we can find you! We LOVE seeing how you guys are styling our pieces!

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Again, we want to thank all of our amazing customers for being and looking absolutely INCREDIBLE despite the circumstances! We really appreciate your continued support during these times and can’t wait to celebrate Christmas this year! Finally… the end of 2020 is in sight!

Love and Light,

ML xox