Green Witch, Pentacles, Mushrooms & more - The New Collection

Our newest Collection is all about embracing the true identity of a Green Witch, showing the connection between plants, trees and Mother Nature and drawing energy from the earth itself. This newest release celebrates what the earth provides us and allows us to draw energy from. 
We wanted to bring you our biggest release yet consisting of 15 items for you to show off your inner green witch!  From Jewellery to Notebooks this collection has got something for everyone. 
We hope you love this release as much as we do!

 The Green Witch Collection 

stainless steel statement jewellery Green Witch Pentacle Hoop Earringsstainless steel statement jewellery

Green Witch Pentacle Necklace ring

Green Witch Pentacle Ringcottage core candles Green Witch Candles green witch cottage core home decor

Large Green Witch Alter Mushroom Candle green witch candle Green Witch Pentacle Candle cottage core notebooks

Green Witch Notebookscottage core notebooks

Green Witch Mushroom NotebookGreen Witch Pentacle NotebookMUSHROOM HEADSCARF

Green Witch Mushroom Headscarf 


Green Witch Pentacle Headscarf 

motel kering

Green Witch Motel Keyring 

mushroom jewellery box

Green Witch Mushroom Jewellery Box 


Green Witch Mushroom Tote Bag 


Green Witch Pentacle Tote Bag 

green witch mug

Green Witch Mugs 

mushroom mug

Green Witch Mushroom Mug 

mush room mug

Green Witch Pentacle Mug 


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Still to come...

Green Witch Mushroom Tumbler