Love, Death and Kisses: A Collection of Dark Romantic Artwork

Love, Death and Kisses: A collection of dark romantic artwork by James Suret is an incredible compilation of gothic illustration, poems and digital artwork.

A bit about the author

James Suret is a UK based artist and dear friend of ours here at Mysticum Luna. He is the genius behind so many of our design renderings and an internationally published artist.

His collection of Dark Romantic Artwork in ‘Love, Death and Kisses’ encompasses a range of 2D and 3D digital work to tell a visual story of passion, love and fear. The book was published in 2020 and is available to purchase via Amazon!

You can find out more about James by visiting his Facebook, Instagram or Art Station profile.

A visual narrative of ardor and angst

The book begins as a macabre telling of loneliness and fear, with the book’s namesake poem ‘Love, Death and Kisses’ welcoming us into a stunning display of illustrations.

Death asked love, why are people

happy to see you but never me?

Love replied, a kiss from me makes

them feel brave but a kiss from you

makes them feel fear.

Throughout the compilation of dark romantic artwork, James tells us the story behind his digitally-rendered illustrations, displaying his incredible skill and talent in each and every page.

Separated only by woeful lines and lyricisms, a tale of the relationship between love and death develops through remarkable depictions of the human anatomy. Looking at some of the images, you would never think a computer could create something so intricate, but, then again, nor could human hands!

The collection includes a variety of different art styles. There’s sharp and pristine line art as seen on the cover art, divided by mind-blowing 3D works. Some of which are complimented by their rendering stages, allowing us a look into the creative process behind the piece.

Finally, the compilation of work ends with some works stolen straight from James’ sketchbook. It’s here where we can see into the genius mind of the artist and author. Dark and haunting scenes of pain, lust and horror make up the final pages. With every turn, each page introduces a new feeling of amazement and shock. Who knew death could be illustrated so beautifully?

A coffee table must-have

From the modest, glossy front cover, you would not be able to guess the explosion of colour, detail and fantasy hidden within. ‘Love, Death and Kisses’ is a testament to the author’s undeniable skill and talent. Every image and artwork radiates the passion and time put into it. Any dark romantic artwork lover needs a collection illustrative book such as James Suret’s.

To get your own copy, ‘Love, Death and Kisses’ is available to purchase via Amazon now!

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