December Customer Spotlight | Blood Crypt Necklace, Satan's Signet Pin & More

It's our favourite time of the month! We love showing you guys off. Here are some of our favourite snaps of our occult inspired jewellery from December.

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Blood Crypt Coffin Necklace


20, Staffordshire, UK

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

I had the Blood Crypt Necklace for Christmas to match my Crypt Coffin Ring that I bought from your stall at Download 2019, and they are the perfect combination to make my outfit that little bit more gothy and morbid. I styled the Blood Crypt necklace in my picture with a Marilyn Manson jumper dress, Beetlejuice print trousers and black Docs.

What's next on your ML wish list and why?

Definitely the Nocturnal Bat Necklace and the earrings to match, they are so glam goth and would be perfect for a night out!! And Lucky Dips are always on my wish list, they're my favourite, I love surprises!

Occult Jewellery - Scorpion Ring


23, Glasgow, Scotland

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

A always wear the Scorpion Ring on my middle finger and wear smaller rings on my other fingers so the Scorpion ring stands out because it's my favourite ring!

What's next on your ML wish list and why?

Next on my wish list is the Crypt Ring, Orb Weaver Spider Ring and Cobweb Ring! As you can tell I'm in love with all your rings!

Baphomet pin - occult inspired


29, London

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

I've styled my badge with a Lolita co-ordinate, I like creating intrigue with little details, especially when it's with unexpected themes in cute outfits.

What's next on your ML wish list and why?

The Sephira Signet Ring, it's such a lovely modern take on a classic accessory!

Scorpion Necklace


35, Kent, UK

How have you styled your ML jewellery?

I love to layer my Mysticum Luna necklaces, I find I am always drawn to the Scorpion one no matter what, I often wear them over just a plain dark top, then they stand out even more. I waited a long time for Scorpion/Planchette pieces that were just what I wanted, so I thank you for these most treasured things.

What's next on your ML wish list and why?

The next thing on my ML wish list is the 666 Ring and probably the Choker to match! I was a warped kid that always wrote/scratched 666 on things, if I'm honest I've never really grown out of it so it seems wrong not to won them!

Knife necklace


25, Manchester UK

How have your styled your ML jewellery?

I'm very particular when it comes to my 'style' so when I first saw the ML jewellery at Download it chose me! I wear these every time I leave the house in combination with Killstar clothing.

What's next on your ML wish list and why?

Pentacle Necklace and Pentagram Cushion for myself to go with my ML Satan's Signet Baphoment Ring and Pin! The Cobweb Necklace and Ring & The Triple Goddess Moon Cushion as a gift for my wonderful girlfriend.

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Until next month!

Paige & Hannah