Dealing With Mercury Retrograde in 2022 | Mysticum Luna

We are now in Mercury Retrograde, a time when communication can be unclear and misunderstanding become way more common, sometimes we all need advice on how to get through times like this so we decided to write a blog post to help you all out! 
This Retrograde is occurring from January 14th - February 3rd, just to spice it up even more half of this period is happening during the unpredictable Aquarius season while the other half will occur during hardworking Capricorn ! 

What actually is Mercury Retrograde?

Three or four times a year Mercury - the planet that rules communication, transportation and technology moves backwards from our view for three weeks.  This tends to delay or derail progress on all aspects of our lives.
 While some of us may encounter extra confusion and mishandling, the least affected by the Mercury retrograde this winter will see it as an ideal opportunity to look inward for healing and indulge in proper self-care. 

    Put these tips into practice for all the upcoming dates as well!

    • January 14th to February 3rd
    • May 10th to June 2nd
    • September 9th to October 1st
    • December 28th to January 18th (2023) 

     The most important thing to remember is to focus on yourself and to try take time for just you!

    Sending you all the positives vibes this Retrograde! xo